DotImage Training Camp

Become DotImage Certified

For people who are new to DotImage, want to get more out of it, or want to save startup time learning the ins and outs of a new toolkit, Atalasoft offers Training Camp – a course designed to guide developers through DotImage and its add-ons, using the toolkit in a variety of different application types.

Three day offering from AtalasoftDotImage Training Camp - Get Certified.

Day 1

  • Introduction to DotImage and its add-ons
  • Common things to look for when developing with DotImage
  • Building a Desktop Application (Winforms)

Day 2

  • Building an interactive web application

Day 3

  • Building a scanning & viewing web application using WingScan
  • Certification Exam
  • Q&A for your personal development projects


The course assumes that the developer is comfortable with the Visual Studio IDE, and able to build, debug, and run simple WinForms and Web applications. A basic understanding of the differences between server and client-side code is needed for the web applications. The instructor uses Visual Studio 2010 and C#, but all samples translate easily to VB.Net. The web applications also use JavaScript and jQuery. If held somewhere other than your office, computers will not be provided; the developer should bring a laptop with Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 already installed. Other materials, such as DotImage, sample files, and the TWAIN sample DSM, will be provided by the instructor.

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