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Q10033 - INFO: Unlocking the evaluation version of DotImage, WingScan, DotPdf after purchasing

When you purchase DotImage, DotTwain, DotPdf, WingScan, and/or various add-on components, you will receive an email with serial numbers.  Use the following steps to register your developer license:

  1. Find all *.lic files: If you have moved any of the .lic files (in a web project, for example) please make sure to delete them, then replace them with the newly created .lic file.  Just to be sure, we suggest searching your entire hard drive for "Atalasoft.*.lic" before registering your developer license; a stray evaluation license can be quite frustrating to find.
  2. Register your license: Use the Atalasoft Activation Utility to create the license file on your machine.  If you do not have a valid internet connection, or your firewall blocks access to the licensing service, log into our website and upload your activation file here.
  3. Compile with the license: After activating your license, you still might get the evaluation splash screen.  If you're using DotImage or DotPdf, you may need to restart Visual Studio, and rebuild the solution (a full rebuild, not build or F5).  This will recreate the resource file with the new license.  Sometimes Visual Studio will cache the licenses and you will actually need to log off, and log back in for the new licenses to take effect.

If, after following these steps, you still see an evaluation splash screen please try the following:

  • Look inside the license file(s).  Do they have your serial number, or an expiration date?  An expiration date means it is an evaluation license, while seeing your serial number ensures that it its a developer license.  If it is an evaluation license, delete it and re-register the serial number for that product.
  • Find out exactly which license file is being loaded by visual studio.  Try renaming one of the license files, you should see a "license file not found exception".  If not, then this is not the license file visual studio is loading.  Search your computer for *.lic to be sure.
  • If you have tried the above cases and are still seeing an evaluation splash screen, try restarting your machine.  This will definitely clear out visual studio's cache.
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