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Q10332 - FAQ: Why Do Image Viewers Work Fine In Other Browsers, But Act Strangely In IE?

When you are building ASP.NET web applications using Atalasoft controls, you may sometimes run into situations where you get random JavaScript errors and/or image viewers are not displaying as expected when viewing in IE, but the same solution runs fine in FireFox, Chrome, Safari, and/or other browsers.

There are several common causes of this behavior:

  1. IE9 is not supported in DotImage versions previous to 9.0
    IE9 is only supported in DotImage v9.0 and newer. Also, we've made many bug fixes and improvements in IE9 support since the initial release of v9.0.0. For best results, consider downloading the latest version of DotImage (currently v10.0.0). If you need to stay with v9, please visit our legacy downloads page and download the latest official v9.0 release (currently 9.0.4d)

  2. IE Document Mode settings (IE 8,9, and 10)
    DotImage ASP.NET controls require that the Document Mode be set to Standards mode. For IE9, this would be "Document Mode: IE9 Standards"; for IE8, this would be "Document Mode: IE8 Standards" and so-on.

    To test if this is your issue, simply hit F12 while viewing your app in IE and ensure the Browser Mode and Document Mode are properly set.

    If you find that this resolves your problem, but that every time you view the page from a new session, you're winding up in Quirks Mode, then you may wish to explicitly set the mode in your HTML.

    The easiest way to ensure Standards Mode is set is to add !doctype to your tag:

    <!doctype html>
        ... your page here ...

    If this isn't possible, you can set Document Mode using a meta tag in the section:

        <meta content="IE=edge; IE=10; IE=9; IE=8" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible">

  3. Note: While this meta tag will work in testing and internally, you likely do not want to set 'Edge' mode on a public/production application. See the "Legacy document modes" in the Related External Links at the bottom of this article.

  4. IE Document Mode and UserAgent settings (IE 11)
    As mentioned above, DotImage requires standards mode. Our components work under IE 11, but you will need to be using Atalasoft DotImage 10.4.1 or newer. However, due to changes introduced in IE 11, some existing applications may not support IE Edge Mode or IE 11 document mode. In order to manually force this, use F12 to pull up the developer console, then hit CTRL+8 to bring up the Emulation Mode section. Now, choose IE 10 for Document Mode:

    If you use the following metatag, this should force IE 10 mode, but we highly recommend you update to 10.4.1 or newer for full IE 11 support
    <meta content="IE=10; IE=9; IE=8; IE=7" http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible">

    Microsoft has a very extensive article on changes in IE 11 that may prove helpful... WingScan users should pay special attention to the comments regarding "Internet Explorer for Desktop" as WingScan does require plugins (ActiveX) to work and thus can not run in the "Metro UI" version of IE


  5. Compatibility View is NOT supported
    DotImage ASP.NET controls do not work properly in "Compatibility View". The settings for this are located in the Tools menu of Internet Explorer.

    Go to the Tools menu and select Compatibility View Settings
    Then, ensure that the checkboxes for "Display Intranet sites in Compatibility view" and "Display all web sites in Compatibility View" are UNCHECKED
    Also, make sure that the current site of interest is NOT in the site list

Additionally, please ensure you do not have an entry in your Web.Config that forces compatibility view

if you have an entry for X-UA-Compatible in the web config similar to this, comment it out:

            <add name="X-UA-Compatible" value="IE=edge" />
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