: "Cannot Find License" for Older Version of DotImage
Q10269 - ERRMSG: "Cannot Find License" for Older Version of DotImage

When activating licenses for a previous version, if the licenses have gold support, the licenses will be created for the most recent version. If you compile and run an error stating that licenses could not be found will occur. This is because the license was not automatically put in the correct location. Correct this issue by navigating to: 

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\Atalasoft\DotImage <X>.<Y>


Find the most recent license in the highest number folder. For the most part, license files are backwards compatible to version 5.0 (Exceptions being barcode reading licenses which changed at 7.0b and again betwen 9.0 and 10.0, and PDF licenses changing in 11.0 and newer). This means you can simply transfer the licenses to the version number folder that needs licenses. Depending on the version of Visual Studio that is compiling, deleting the bin and obj folders of the project and performing a full rebuild solution may be necessary for the changes to take effect.

In DotImage 10.0 and newer, the activation wizard includes a Version Number box at the bottom of the screen where you enter your serial numbers. Just make sure to match the version number with the version of DotImage you're trying to activate for. (This Activation Wizard is backward compatible).

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