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FAQ: Where Have All The 10.6 Demos Gone?


NOTE: This article was created as a means to provide links to the 10.6 versions of our legacy demos... if you're looking for demos for our current version (11.1), please see:
FAQ: Where Have all the Demos Gone?

For version 11.0-compatible demos please see:
FAQ: Where Have All The 11.0 Demos Gone?

For version 10.7-compatible demos, please see the following article:
FAQ: Where Have all the 10.7 Demos Gone?

If you're a long-time user of DotImage, you may remember back to when we used to include a whole bunch of really nifty demos along with the installation of the SDK - full sources and compiled apps.

The problem we ran into was that the demos were causing the installer to get really big - they added about 100MiB to the download. So the decision was made to move them to an online Sample Application Gallery.

On May 1, 2015, we redesigned the web site and the sample application gallery was reduced to just a few key demos that were the most commonly asked for/used. However, over the years, Support and our customers have found many of those other demos to be useful.

So, without further delay: here is a list of links to those "Legacy Demos"


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