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INFO: Using DotImage through COM Interop


DotImage is a 100% .net toolkit, and is only intended to be used from other .net applications. That being said, our customers have proven DotImage does work through COM interop, but there may be issues which are unknown to us. Because of these issues we cannot officially support this type of deployment.

Our desktop deployment model only accounts for distributing .net executables. If you are distributing a non-.NET EXE that references DotImage, then you do not fall under the standard licensing model. In this case you will need an “Assembly Tied License”, which will license your .net assembly with a reference to DotImage using a license string set at runtime. Once your .net assembly is licensed as a class library you may call into it from virtually anywhere. With this deployment model, we require that there is some protection in your custom dll so that other unlicensed users cannot access Atalasoft functionality through the custom dll. This licensing model is negotiated individually for each customer and usually requires a custom contract. For more information and pricing on this type of licensing model, please contact

For additional information, please see:
HOWTO: COM Callable Wrapper

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Q10143 - INFO: Using DotImage through COM Interop

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