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FAQ: Why do Scanner Settings Change/Reset Between Sessions?


When you open a connection to a TWAIN device, the device may reset its properties to default values or load properties from a profile. This is normal behavior for a driver.

DotTwain (Desktop Scanning)

If specific settings are required for your application, you will need to set the capabilities after each call to open the device. This includes using SaveParameters / SaveXmlParameters methods of the Device object to store settings, and using the LoadParameters or LoadXmlParameters methods to retrieve them later . (which you use depends on whether the scanner can handle custom properties) for more see

HOWTO: Proper use of Save/Load Parameters in TWAIN scanning

WingScan (Web Based Scanning)

For WingScan, we do not have a bulk load/save, so you'll need to store the settings values /configurations using text, xml, json, etc.. and then parsing your stored settings yourself to set up the WingScan scanningOptions configuration, or applying the options between scans

HOWTO: Change WingScan Scanning Options Between Scans

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