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FAQ: Does Atalasoft Have a WIA Scanning Component?


Atalasoft does not have a WIA scanning component. However, WIA has a TWAIN compatibility layer that allows TWAIN enabled applications to use WIA drivers for image acquisition. There are specific features WIA provides for improved camera support that can’t be accessed through TWAIN, and if you have issues using a scanner via WIA, it is advisable to install and use a proper TWAIN driver. Issues with WIA driver incompatibilities will generally be unsupported by Atalasoft as our tools are TWAIN components.

If you have WIA devices on your system, but they simply do not show up when using ShowSelectSource(), you can try the following:

In a static constructor, before ANY Atalasoft scanning objects are called/initialized, add

Atalasoft.Twain.TwainManager.ForceTwain1xBehavior = true;

(in VB, this would be inside of a Shared Sub New)

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