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FAQ: Why doesn't the WebImageViewer control render properly in design time?


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This article references our legacy Web Forms Web Viewing controls (WebImageViewer, WebAnnotationViewer, WebThumbnailViewer). It is preserved for archival purposes, but support strongly recommends using our modern HTML5 web controls: WebDocumentViewer, WebDocumentThumbnailer instead)

INFO: WebDocumentViewer Whitepaper - Getting Started With Web Viewing

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There are a few conditions where the WebImageViewer will not render properly in design time. This is how they can be corrected.

Error Creating Control

The control doesn't render at all, and no properties are available in the property grid. This can be fixed by making sure a valid Atalasoft.dotImage.lic file is in either the Managed Assemblies folder, or in the bin folder of the project. If you continue to get errors even when this file is in the correct location, and you are using an evaluation license, it is likely that your evaluation has expired.

Broken Scrollbar Images without using PathToResources

The control renders, but the scrollbar images are broken. Simply compiling the application will get them to appear. This is because the images are stored in the dll, and the assembly is not accessible if it has not been compiled. (Visual Studio may have to be restarted for the design view to refresh.)

Broken Scrollbar Images using PathToResources

The control renders, the scrollbar images are broken, and PathToResources is set. This will happen if the path is not the correct location, or if the files don't exist in that path. Please note that putting a / in front of the path will use that server's root, and not the application root. Relative paths and absolute URLs are acceptable.

pageLayout == GridLayout

The control generates an exception. By limitations of client side scripting, the selection rectangle and the RichClient scrollbars will not position correctly if the page is set to GridLayout. This is because the control has no position on the client side after the page is drawn. Different clients have different ways of drawing the page. In order to find the exact x,y positions and bounds of elements laid out on the page, a recusrsive function is called from the parent object that the selection or scroll bars are supposed to stay within. Since an object in a table, has the same parent as an object on the page, the position is incorrectly calculated. If you want to use GridLayout, ScrollBarType cannot be set to RichClient, and the MouseTool cannot be set to Selection or ZoomArea.

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