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This is the full list of itemized release notes for 10.4. (our archives missed hotfixes/fixpacks, so this covers 10.4.0 initial release and 10.4.1 service pack 1)

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Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK 10.4.1

(10.4, Service Pack 1) Release Notes
January 30, 2014

New Features

  • Updated Tesseract OCR Engine to v3.02 Release - Expanded language set and improved accuracy
  • Updated DICOM libraries
  • Removed all usage of jQuery.browser in the WebDocumentViewer for future jQuery compatibility. Also fixed Internet Explorer 11 detecting as "null" browser
  • Added the ability to cancel annotation drawing in the WebDocumentViewer. To use, call: WebAnnotationViewer.annotations.cancelDraw()
  • Added config option to the WebDocumentViewer to allow the disabling of flick scrolling. Use "allowflick: false" when creating the WebDocumentViewer
  • Added a config option for the WebDocumentViewer to force the initial loading of pages to the number given. Usage: "pagebuffersize:10". Usage of this property can dramatically reduce performance if the number is set too high
  • Added public cache policy properties in the WebDocumentRequestHandler

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed a bug in the WebDocumentViewer that would cause text annotations to partially still be visible after visible was set to true
  • Fixed a bug in the WebDocumentRequestHandler.AnnotationStreamWritten event that assigned annotation data to the document stream
  • Fixed a bug in the WebDocumentThumbnailer that would cause annotations to sometimes have different properties than they did in the main viewer
  • Fixed a bug in the WebAnnotationViewer that would cause default text annotations with a defined font size to show at the incorrect font size when they were in edit mode
  • Fixed a bug that would disallow thumbnail drag drop in the WebThumbnailViewer
  • Fixed threading issues with various barcode symbologies
  • Fixed WPF Freehand annotation issue with right click
  • Fixed issue in Word Decoder where images were sometimes not being rendered
  • Fixed issue in Word Decoder with rendering table of contents
  • Fixed word wrapping issue in Word Decoder

Atalasoft Document Imaging SDK 10.4.0

(10.4 Initial Release) Release Notes
October 7, 2013

New Features

  • DotImage viewers can now view Word files (.docx and .doc) with the new Word Reader Add-on
  • DotPdf can create PDF Forms, read the data from PDF Forms and programmatically fill in PDF Forms with data.
  • DotImage and DotPdf now support the ability to repair and open many out-of-specification PDF files.
  • DotImage Document Imaging includes a SharePoint solution that allows document viewing to be embedded in a SharePoint site.
  • WingScan includes a SharePoint solution that allows document capture in a SharePoint site. The captured documents can be exported into a SharePoint repository.
  • DotImage and JoltImage include a new GUI control to view a document as a list of thumbnails of the pages. It works in desktop as well as mobile browsers.

Resolved Issues

  • A bug was fixed to allow the correct interpretation of bold fonts in WANG annotations
  • A bug was fixed in the Web Document Viewer where it would load the first page twice in some situations
  • A bug was fixed in the .NET PDF Viewer where some text might not display if it used embedded font dictionaries in the PDF
  • A bug was fixed in the WPF viewer when ungrouping a callout annotation – a null reference exception was thrown
  • A bug was fixed when trying to read UPC-E barcodes with an incorrect message length. The error is reported instead of a null reference exception
  • We now allow Web Document Viewer streams to be closed by client code if necessary
  • A bug was fixed in reporting the proper orientation of a DataMatrix barcode

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