INFO: Special Licenses

Although the vast majority of our customers' projects can be satisfied by our normal licensing requirements, a special situation can arise where a special license is necessary. If you have been approved for a special license from us, you will receive a document from us with the information about that license. At the beginning of the document will be the line, "... before any initialization code, enter the following code:", followed by:


Add the Atalasoft.Shared.dll to your project, then put this code into a static (c#) or shared (VB.Net) constructor at the beginning of your project. In a WinForms application, we recommend putting this code in an initializer for your form. For example, if your form is named "Form 1", you will want:


static Form1()


Shared Sub New()
End Sub

You can test this license in your development environment by removing or renaming your development license(s). Then, when you run your project, put a breakpoint inside your constructor on the SetAssemblyLicense code. If you receive a "License not found" error, you have not called that code early enough in your application. For other errors regarding this license, please contact our technical support department.

We also suggest you protect your application with licensing. One such example is

Please note: these licenses are for special circumstances *ONLY*, and are not generally available to the majority of users. A special review will be performed of your project by our engineering team, and approval by our engineering and sales departments is required. This license is supplied at our discretion, and a cost will be involved as handled by our sales department.

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