Atalasoft’s WingScan SDK provides scanning controls for .NET web applications and allows you to scan directly from a web browser and save to a repository without the need to save locally first.  Capture documents from any TWAIN-compliant scanner and control the settings of the capture process within the browser. If you have any questions please let us know

WingScan allows you can scan from a web browser - this improves security and enables end users to scan directly to a repository without the need to save locally first. It is accomplished by using a lightweight http server on the scanning computer that the browser can communicate with and a handler on the serverside.


DotImage® Features

Browser Based Scanning.

WingScan includes fully customizable browser controls that allow end users to submit documents directly from their scanners.  WingScan includes an HTML5/JavaScript document viewer for scanned documents. Easy installation -- WingScan includes a simple process for installing the Windows Service on the client machine.

Image Clean up with VRS.

Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) Technology that provides superior image cleanup.  Incorrectly Scanned Pages - Automatically rotates, deskews, and orients pages so that the text is properly aligned.  Remove Erroneous Marks - Remove like coffee stains, wrinkles, or highlighter from an image so it can be cleanly processed.  Improve accuracy - OCR and barcode extraction are greatly improved.

Combine With DotImage.

When you combine WingScan with our DotImage SDK, you have superior web-based scanning combined with powerful viewing controls to make capturing and processing documents effortless in your web application.  WingScan is a stand alone product with a streamlined viewer - however when you combine WingScan with our DotImage SDK you have superior web based scanning combined with powerful viewing controls to make capturing and processing documents effortless.

Create Searchable PDF’s.

Scanned Documents to Searchable PDF - Use WingScan and an OCR engine to convert captured documents into searchable PDF files. Batch Scanning - Use WingScan and our Barcode Reader to scan multiple pages at once, separate by barcodes, and create multiple Tiff or Pdf files.

Customer Onboarding.

Use our web scanning control, WingScan, to Handle the customer sign up process.  Form Capture - WingScan can ask a user for specific documents one at a time and allow them to scan directly to a website. Data validation - Show the user a scanned form and allow them to verify extracted data before submission.

Desktop Twain Scanning.

Write something up about twain scanning and that is included with DotImage

We are here to help.

DotImage is backed by a remarkable support team of expert .NET and imaging developers.  If you have any questions please take a look at our technical section or simple send us an e-mail and we will find the answer for you.  Rather test drive DotImage, feel free – we offer a 30 day Evaluation with Full Support.

Atalasoft’s DotImage has enabled us to offer the browser-based scanning solution that our customers were looking for

Larry Oliver
President - FileHold