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Atalasoft 10.3 Released - Major Version Includes Mobile Annotations

Posted by Eric Deutchman
January 14, 2013 Comments


This time, we have lots of exciting updates across our entire suite of SDKs including new mobile support, index fields, and more. Who's ready to learn more? Let's dig in.

Quick Introduction to New Features in 10.3

Atalasoft's VP of Product Development gives us a quick run-down of what to expect in 10.3. (Running time: 1:29)

Watch the overview video. Subtitles and 1080p available.


Build Mobile Document Viewers w/Annotations

This is two-fold: The DotImage Web Document Viewer controls are now supported on iOS Mobile Safari and Android's Chrome mobile browsers. This also includes annotation support with touch interfaces, zooming, pagination, and more. Your users can interact with multipage docs on the run.

Contact for a demo



PDF Generation updates

In DotPdf, you can now import SVG drawings as well as make use of the new TableShape so you can add tabular data to any PDF. Generate invoices with full control over the template.

Learn about DotPdf



Java Barcode Reader Add-on

Our Java SDK (JoltImage) now supports the same 1-D and 2-D barcode sets that our .NET equivalent has. Automatically detect the orientation of the recognized barcode, return a bounding polygon, and get the string value of a barcode. Use this add-on for your server or desktop Java apps.

Learn about JoltImage Barcode Reader



Scan from the web and manually index to SharePoint

DotImage can now read in the index fields associated with a repository and content type from SharePoint or Kofax Capture. You can then edit them, and include their values on the import. We do most of the work for you. Ask to see a live demo today.

Learn about WingScanContact for a demo



Bug fixes

We've fixed a bunch of bugs including PDF handling, serializable commands, and with web annotations. Call our support team if you run into any trouble; we're constantly working on our products and working with our users.

See the release notes at atalasoft.com


If you'd like to upgrade or learn more, visit us at www.atalasoft.com


Posted: 1/14/2013 5:20:35 PM by Eric Deutchman | with 0 comments

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