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June 2006 - Posts

Democracy in action

Apropos of nothing, I've decided that the caterpillar should have a name and have narrowed it down to Nibbler or Bitey (both Matt Groening references). There is a small grocery store in our building that occaisionally puts up things to vote for that may
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AQTime Webcast

Lest I forget, I put together a webcast about techniques you can use to optimize code in .NET using Automated QA's AQTime. Share this post: email it! | bookmark it! | digg it! | reddit! | kick it! | live it!
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New Intern

Well, not really. This little guy can't push the keys on a keyboard. I went out for a 4 mile jog yesterday and on the way out I spotted the work of a Papilio troilus caterpillar on some sassafrass. On the way back in, I pulled a bunch of branches and
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It's all about strength reduction, baby

There's an image processing algorithm that I've been playing around with. It does what it does fairly well, except that it's slower than we'd like. If you look at most image processing algorithms, there's an invariant that contributes to the overall time
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Floating Point Errors

I just wrote a chunk of code to do unit conversion between scalar types. This is not a big deal to do, but being the nerd that I am, I really wanted the code to do something like this: double conversionFactor = LookupConversionFactor(sourceUnits, targetUnits);
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Bug du Jour: When is a symbol not a symbol?

I have some OEM code which is telling me that a particular font that I should use is Symbol. When I create a display trusting this report, I get something more along the lines of Homer's Odyssey in the original Greek. Turns out that when they say "Symbol"
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Replaceable Image Format Conversion

In working on the 4.0 version of dotImage, I've added the ability to change how all images are converted from one pixel format to another. I thought I'd post a quick entry to show how this will work in the upcoming release. If you're interested in trying
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