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July 2006 - Posts

Using managed delegates from unmanaged code

We've done a fair amount of work that involves the interchange of managed and unmanaged code. For most cases, the programming model makes it straightforward, if not simple to handle. 90% of the time, all you need to do is call an unmanaged function, have
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Right now, I'm being more quiet about technical things because we are in the home stretch of a release cycle. Consequently, I'm a little more worried about the problems in front of me than the bigger picture of software development and programming. Yet
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Nibbler it is

Thanks to your participation and that of the customers of Blue Moon, the caterpillar is named Nibbler. Since the first post, it has grown first to this size: and now to this size: Notice the change from brown to green. Also the eyes on its back are just
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Stomping on Memory

Way back when , I wrote of some of the problems with varargs. We had a bug show up that I created in fixing a problem with a function that was a client of a varargs function. The issue was that when called in one mode, it was assumed that a pointer to
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Nuke it from orbit - it's the only way to be sure

About 7 months ago I made a big mistake with Visual Studio 2003: I undocked one of the debug windows. Thanks to the non-intuitive interface (I can't even call it counter-intuitive, because that implies that it merely operates reverse from what you'd expect),
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Managed C++ Type Questions

I was reviewing some managed C++ in our codespace and I spotted this little gem: template <typename T1, typename T2> inline bool istypeof ( T2* t ) { return (dynamic_cast<T1*>(t) != 0); } which I snagged from msdn a while back. This nice chunk
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