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October 2006 - Posts

Making the same mistakes

There is a mistake in software engineering that we, as engineers, keep making again and again and again. We apparently are really bad about resource management or we're really naive. I can't decide which. Probably both. We already learned that we were
Posted by Steve Hawley | 6 Comments

.NET Pointer Artimetic

Dear Microsoft, Please add the methods: IntPtr Offset(int offset); IntPtr Offset(long offset); to the IntPtr class. In the meantime, here's how you might implement them in a static utility method: public static IntPtr Offset(IntPtr src, int offset) {
Posted by Steve Hawley | 4 Comments

What *is* a pixel, anyway?

I was talking to some engineers about pixels and I realized that, while these were fine programmers, they didn't really understand pixels. Like many things, programmers can choose to be oblivious to all the details and be just fine, but something so fundamental
Posted by Steve Hawley | 1 Comments