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March 2008 - Posts

More Unit Test Tricks

I've posted before about some tricks you can do to play with NUnit and get more out of your testing. Today I'm going to pass in some more tricks I came up with recently to use reflection to verify correctness. Recently, we had a defect that involved the


Threading in current programming models is one of the hardest things to get right. It appears to be a fabulous tool waiting to be exploited, but it is instead one of the hardest things to get right. Mike Stall has an interesting take on the combinatorial


Functional programming is in. There is a lot of buzz around the future of functional programming as applications look to leveraging multiple processors and multiple cores for their tasks. One of the things that makes this easier is to work with immutable

6.0 Features - Tiff Gets Ready for ECMi

DotImage supports TIFF images in a number of different ways. In prior releases we've provided feature-rich tools that allow our users to get at all the nitty gritty details of TIFF images and TIFF files. With those tools you can do just about anything
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Learn from the Past

I was on a Google hunt for a picture of Peter Weinberger (the 'W' in awk ) on a water tower and I ran across a book I had seen once many years earlier called "Beyond Photography - The Digital Darkroom". This book is available online in a series of PDF
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