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May 2008 - Posts

Working in Opposite Land

There are a number of interesting things that come up in computer science and computer engineering where reasoning suddenly jumps into opposite land. It seems that the more human the operation, the more likely we are to go to opposite land. For example,
Posted by Steve Hawley | 2 Comments

Lou Francos

I was playing with the Product Box Generator and created the following bit of fun: I love software. Thanks, Lou, for tolerating me. Share this post: email it! | bookmark it! | digg it! | reddit! | kick it! | live it!
Posted by Steve Hawley | 1 Comments
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When "new" is Too Slow

I was working on some prototype code that needed to be super fast. After getting basic functionality up and running, I found that the biggest chunk of time was getting lost in operator new. In this particular chunk of code, I had some simulated recursion
Posted by Steve Hawley | 2 Comments