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October 2008 - Posts

PDC Day 4

This is the last day of PDC. So far I've been to a Silverlight 2 talk and an unmanaged interop session. I'm currently sitting in a future look at AJAX, the last session. One thing that really makes these sessions valuable and ultimately makes the worth
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PDC Day 3

Yesterday, I went to a number of sessions about the features in Windows 7 - specifically I wanted to look at the APIs surrounding text and graphics. They don't exist in a usable form yet from managed code (but they can be wrapped well enough). They're
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Managed and Unmanaged, Metaphorically

Last night I was asked what the difference was between managed and unmanaged code by a non-coder. I came up with a metaphor which works and Bill asked me to post it. Unmanaged code is an Erector set. Not a current one, but the old kind that has lots of

PDC Day 2

Went to a couple nuts and bolts presentations - one about packaging and deploying ASP.NET applications (looks better, but is apparently still has room to grow) and one about the architecture and scalability and support levels for cloud computing. Many
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PDC Day 1

The big presented at the keynote was cloud computing. In MS' view, cloud computing is heavyweight, consistent, reliable support of distributed ASP.NET applications. They've tried to make the process of running and upgrading apps as robust as possible.
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PDC Day 0

After some unusual flight conditions and horrible airport UI, I managed to get to Los Angeles for PDC. The first day, I spent and entire day in a session about multiprocessing. This was a very good session with a lot of good information. From it, I think

A Geek on Hallowe'en

This blog entry is about design and design process using Hallowe'en as a delivery vehicle. In early September, I started thinking about Hallowe'en. I've always loved the holiday with its unbridled opportunity for creativity. Unfortunately, with my active
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