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November 2008 - Posts

Debugging Fu, Part 1

A How-To Guide for Debugging, Part 1, Reproducibility Get It Reproducible. If you can't demonstrate a bug 100% of the time, you are in hell. You are in absolute and total hell and you will be burning in a lake of fire until such a time as the bug is either

Stupid NUnit Tricks #3 Foiled!

Here's a bit about finding the calling test fixture name and bugs that result from doing this. Normally, writing tests that are aware of their environment is not an ideal practice. It invites writing code that performs differently depending on its test

Hiring with Passion

After reading a couple Stack Overflow articles about interviewing and hiring , I've been reflecting a lot about what I look for and the process by which I use. I won't talk about a great deal of specifics of what I ask, as I consider that to be intellectual

Airline Good UI/Bad UI

In getting to PDC, I took a flight out of Hartford to LA with a stop in DC. When I did the self-checkin, I was told that my originating flight was delayed and that I wouldn't make my connecting flight. I was asked if I wanted to look for other flights
Posted by Steve Hawley | 2 Comments