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January 2009 - Posts

Making Streams Enumerable

In this post, I’ll show you a quick hack to make Stream objects enumerable.  This is nice because once done, you can treats Streams as C# 2.0 iterators, which lets us play all kinds of fun games with lambda expressions. First we’ll start with an

Is, As, and Casting

C# has two very convenient operators for runtime type checking: is and as . is takes a class an object and a type and if the object is an instance of the type, is evaluates to true; false otherwise. as takes an object and a type and if the object is an
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Sanitizing the Toolbox

I created an issue with the Visual Studio 2008 toolbox.  I was doing and installation and removal tests which ended up pooching the toolbox.  I got a message from VS that effectively said, “Hey, your tool just pooched the toolbox – I’m going
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String Similarity and Extension Methods

This is a post about using extension methods to build string similarity tools. I recently saw this post on Stack Overflow about word similarity algorithms.  There were several answers that included various techniques linked through Wikipedia and

Browsing Kottke

Nothing about imaging or engineering today. I was looking at Jason Kottke’s blog to dig up this little gem: The robots.txt file for whitehouse.gov for the Bush administration was at nearly 2400 lines or roughly 1 new block per day. The robots.txt file
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Lest We Get Egotistical

It is natural to assume that we, as a technological culture, have advanced so far beyond our predecessors.  We have the benefits of silicon based computation, advanced chemical batteries for providing power, and so on and so forth. I’d like to send

Thinking About Dates

I have a problem with the accepted Gregorian calendar. The problem is that I have a hard time remembering which months have how many days each. There is that stupid rhyme , but there are lots of ways I’ve come up with to get it wrong and still have correct
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Nicer String.Format

I will say that I’ve rarely seen a good string formatting method that I’ve liked.  You can start with one of the first that I’ve used which is in Pascal in the Writeln pseudo-function.  Writeln looks like a normal functional/procedure call,
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