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March 2009 - Posts

14 Things Every Software Engineer Should Know

In no particular order - Common Design Patterns – Design patterns are tools to let us solve common problems.  Knowing your design patterns can make the solution to a problem easy. At Least One Assembly Language – One can program quite well without
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Face Detection with dotImage and OpenCV

We had a question in our forums about face detection via OpenCV .  I had looked at OpenCV a few weeks ago and had a small amount of time to burn, so I decided that this would be a fun project to tackle.  The API for OpenCV is sane and their

Make It Feel Like Syntax

I chose my career wisely.  I can tell because at least once a week I run across a nifty small thing that makes programming feel new again.  It’s not that I’m a sucker for novelty, it’s more that when I see something particular clever that makes

Fun With Math in 3D

This post is about the relative efficiencies of two different approaches to calculating triangle area in three dimensions. Atalasoft has an add-on that can decode and rasterize DWG CAD files.  I’ve been doing some playing with the underlying data
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