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November 2009 - Posts

Awesome Support

If you’ve had an issue with one of our products or attended a webinar , chances are you’ve spoken with Elaine.  She is the head of support and works with Kevin to help you, our customers, do what you need to do.  I’m very impressed at how well
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A Few Neat Things – Finding Your Way Around

When I was 12, my local PBS station broadcast a program that forever changed the way that I saw science, technology, and history.  It was the show Connections , written and hosted by James Burke.  For me, it was the way that history was no longer
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Photo Geekery – What To Do With a Dead DVD Drive

A few months back, I saw an article about adding macro capability to cell phone cameras .  I asked Jay, our IT know-it-all if we had any dead drives.  Last week, I got my greedy hands on one and while working on a support case with Elaine, I
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Loving Your Customers

Very often in this blog, I complain about things that aren’t right. There’s a certain amount of squeaky wheel in the hopes that things will get better and a certain amount of hope that my readers (all 3 of you) will also register your dissatisfaction.
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Building Image Unit Tests

Atalasoft makes heavy use on unit testing in our development.  While we don’t follow the strict regimen of writing the test first, we do write the tests in close conjunction with code being developed.  Similarly, we try for every bug report
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Clean Up Day

I’ve been working on a bunch of applied research projects that I would love to talk about – but you know the nature of the game: I have to keep these under wraps. Whenever I do work of this nature that isn’t necessarily for general consumption, I keep
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