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February 2010 - Posts

Libpng – You’re Doing It Wrong

I took a three day hiatus from developing DotImage 9.0 to work on an experiment: how would a 100% managed PNG decoder perform, compared to libpng? Using only C#, I knocked together a very basic chunk of code that has a very strong .NET feel/smell to it
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DataMatrix Described

Saw this great description of Datamatrix encoding via Trivium . Very good your us visual thinkers. And if you need it, Atalasoft has tools for both reading and writing Datamatrix 2D barcodes (and other barcodes as well). Share this post: email it! | bookmark
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What is /?

I learned something today about the humble slash character: /. First, let me say that to me, / is always pronounced ‘slash’.  This is due to my first encountering of this character as a path separator in UNIX when I worked at Bell Labs.   
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