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July 2010 - Posts

Limit Your Memoization, Please

Memoization is a great pattern. We’ve known about it for years outside of functional programming. It is essentially a combination of a cache and a function pointer. For some input, x, you look up x in the cache and if it’s there, you return the found
Posted by Steve Hawley | 2 Comments

The Good Old Days Weren’t That Good

The Computer History Museum has published the source code to MacPaint and Quickdraw .  This is pretty cool – I spent a lot of time hacking the Mac around that time, so it was interesting to me to see how this code was put together.  I haven’t
Posted by Steve Hawley | 1 Comments

Why Software Has Bugs

I’ve been thinking about the causes of bugs in software in the past week.  I reflect on this a lot and as I get older, I try to put habits into place that eliminate bugs before they happen.  As an example, in doing string manipulation in C,
Posted by Steve Hawley | 1 Comments