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August 2010 - Posts

C# Porting Strategies

This is going to be a quick guide for porting a C# codebase to different platforms. Wait, what? Isn’t C# portable on its own? No – there are two aspects to C# – the language itself and the target platform.  Even though .NET is ostensibly the target,
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Solving the Expression Problem with OOP

Yesterday I watched a presentation by Dr. Ralf Lämmel about The Expression Problem.  The problem is, in a nutshell, how do you build an extensible data model and an extensible operation model that meets three goals: Code-level modularization Separate
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Using a Proxy Class to Fix F# Protected Access Limitation

In this previous entry , I presented a workaround to F# not having support for protected members.  Upon thinking on it further, I decided that this could nearly be fixed with an adapter class.  The adapter class would be implemented in C# and
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Protect Yourself

I’ve been looking at F# to assess how well it plays with the .NET ecosystem and I’ve found a number of blemishes.  Most recently, I found that F# has no equivalent to the C# protected access on members/classes.  Why should we care about protected?
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