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December 2010 - Posts

A Tribute to Leslie Nielsen

In December, a number of small teams at Atalasoft met to undertake projects that would improve Atalasoft in some measurable way – whether it was internal to the company or external. With Elaine and Bill , we put together some ideas for shooting videos
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The Best Use of Augmented Reality I’ve Seen

Short and sweet – Dan Kaminsky created an app for iPhone and Android devices that allows someone who is color blind to see the world and distinguish color. This is important to me, not because I am color blind, but because one of the engineers at Adobe
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Running a Meeting Agenda with DotImage

One thing that we do at Atalasoft is a biweekly staff meeting where we cover what’s going on.  The responsibility for running the meeting bounces around and it is encouraged to pick a format that works best for you.  At the last meeting, I decided
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