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A Tribute to Leslie Nielsen

In December, a number of small teams at Atalasoft met to undertake projects that would improve Atalasoft in some measurable way – whether it was internal to the company or external.

With Elaine and Bill, we put together some ideas for shooting videos about the people who work here.  This is not one of those videos.  At the end, I was fooling around a bit and came up with this:

This was shot on a radio controlled car with a toy emergency light, both purchased from Woot.  The emergency light had been part of a pair in a USB rig, but I cut it apart and wired it to run off a 6V battery pack on the back of the car.


The camera is a small wireless camera similar to this, powered by the 9V battery, held on by zip ties.  The camera runs at 1.2GHz.  The output of the receiver was run into a Sony DV camera.  There was a significant amount of interference, which I suspect was due to local wireless devices.IMAG0349

Published Wednesday, December 29, 2010 1:26 PM by Steve Hawley
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