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How I Learned to Start Worrying and Distrust the Bomb

This is a post about a serious bug I turned up in the Microsoft C++ compilers that target CLI (both Managed C++ and C++/CLI). One of the key concepts in software engineering is Design by Contract .  Design by Contract boils down to “say what you
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Even More IEnumerable<T> Fun

This post is going to cover how to use (and abuse) extension methods to make it easier to write compilers and interpreters or to write code metrics tools. Right now, it’s straight forward to loop over a set of paths, load assemblies (that can be loaded)

More IEnumerable<T> Fun

This blog post will be about a practical example of using IEnumerable<T> to make solving common problems easier. Here’s a common abstract problem – walk a tree of nodes visiting each node and possibly perform an operation on a node’s contents. 

Recursive Lambdas

At PDC several years ago, I attended the first talk on C# 3.0 by Anders Hejlsberg wherein he demonstrated LINQ and the new lambda syntax for C#.  In the QA, I asked if it there was or could be a syntax for recursive lambda expressions.  The
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Face Detection with dotImage and OpenCV

We had a question in our forums about face detection via OpenCV .  I had looked at OpenCV a few weeks ago and had a small amount of time to burn, so I decided that this would be a fun project to tackle.  The API for OpenCV is sane and their

Make It Feel Like Syntax

I chose my career wisely.  I can tell because at least once a week I run across a nifty small thing that makes programming feel new again.  It’s not that I’m a sucker for novelty, it’s more that when I see something particular clever that makes

Fun With Math in 3D

This post is about the relative efficiencies of two different approaches to calculating triangle area in three dimensions. Atalasoft has an add-on that can decode and rasterize DWG CAD files.  I’ve been doing some playing with the underlying data
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