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ImageSource Properties

The ImageSource type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyActiveImages
Gets the active images.
Protected propertyCulledImages
Gets the culled images.
Public propertyCurrent
Returns the index of the current image.
Public propertyImmediateUnload
Determines if an image should be unloaded from memory immediately.
Public propertyMemoryInUse
Returns an estimate of the number of bytes of memory currently in use by images in this ImageSource.
Public propertyMemoryLimit
This sets the limit for memory usage for this ImageSource. If memory usage goes beyond this, images will be dropped from memory until memory usage is below the limit.
Public propertyTotalImages
Returns the total number of available images in this ImageSource.
Public propertyTotalImagesKnown
Gets a value indicating whether or not the total number of images in this image source can be known.
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