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Jp2Encoder Class

The class derived from ImageEncoder that encodes JPEG2000 images.
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Namespace:  Atalasoft.Imaging.Codec.Jpeg2000
Assembly:  Atalasoft.dotImage.Jpeg2000 (in Atalasoft.dotImage.Jpeg2000.dll) Version: (.NET 4.5.2, x86)
public class Jp2Encoder : ImageEncoder

The Jp2Encoder type exposes the following members.

Public methodJp2Encoder
Creates a new instance of a Jp2Encoder.
Public methodJp2Encoder(Double)
Creates a new instance of a Jp2Encoder specifying the compression rate.
Public propertyCode exampleCompression
Gets or sets the compression value to use when compressing an image.
Public propertyCompressionMode
Gets or Sets the Jp2CompressionMode to use when compressing an image.
Public propertyEncoderOptions
Gets or sets encoder specific options that will be used by default for the entire image.
Public propertyEnhancedRegions
Gets a collection of Enhanced Regions that can be set at a higher quality level than the rest of the image during compression.
Public propertyFileFormat
Gets or sets the file format to generate (JP2, JPEG2000 codestream, or JPX).
Public propertyIPData
Gets or sets intellectual property rights data to be encoded with the image.
Public propertyIptcTags
Gets or sets IPTC data that will be stored in the encoded image.
Public propertyPrecision
Public propertyQualityStyle
Gets or sets a value indicating the quality mode during lossy compression.
Public propertyResolutionParams
Set property for storing information of resolution. Refer to definition of Jp2ResolutionParams.
Public propertySpeedMode
Gets or sets the speed mode (Fast or Accurate) to use during lossy compression.
Public propertySupportedPixelFormats
Returns an array of PixelFormats supported by the Jp2Encoder.
(Overrides ImageEncoderSupportedPixelFormats.)
Public propertyTileSize
Gets or sets the size in pixels of each individual tile.
Public propertyUuidBoxes
Gets or sets UuidBox metadata to be stored in the encoded image.
Public propertyUuidInfoBoxes
Gets or sets UuidInfoBox metadata to be stored in the encoded image.
Public propertyWriteTileLengthMarker
Gets or sets a value indicating if a tile length marker is written to the encoded image.
Public propertyXmlBoxes
Gets or sets XML metadata to be stored with the image.
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Protected methodGetEncoderOptions
Returns the encoder options for a specific tile and component.
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Serves as the default hash function.
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Public methodIsPixelFormatSupported
Returns true if the given PixelFormat can be encoded with the derived encoder.
(Inherited from ImageEncoder.)
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Protected methodPixelFormatIsSupported
Public methodSave
Encodes an AtalaImage into the specified stream as a JPEG2000 image.
(Overrides ImageEncoderSave(Stream, AtalaImage, ProgressEventHandler).)
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
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To encode JPEG2000 images, invoke the Jp2Encoder.Save method of the Jp2Encoder or create an instance of a Jp2Encoder, and pass it into one of the save methods in an AtalaImage, Workspace, or WorkspaceViewer object.

To specify compression, set the Jp2Encoder.Compression property to a value between 0.0 and 100.0.

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