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ExifTagID Enumeration

Enumeration of known Exif tag ID's.

Namespace:  Atalasoft.Imaging.Metadata
Assembly:  Atalasoft.dotImage (in Atalasoft.dotImage.dll) Version: (.NET 4.5.2, x86)
public enum ExifTagID
  Member nameDescription
ImageWidth ImageWidth, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
ImageLength ImageLength, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
BitsPerSample BitsPerSample, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
Compression Compression algorithm
PhotometricInterpretation PhotometricInterpretation, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
DocumentName (TIFF Extended) The name of the document from which this image was scanned
ImageDescription ImageDescription, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
Make Make, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
Model Model, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
StripOffsets StripOffsets, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
Orientation Orientation, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
SamplesPerPixel SamplesPerPixel, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
RowsPerStrip RowsPerStrip, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
StripByteCounts StripByteCounts, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
XResolution XResolution, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
YResolution YResolution, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
PlanarConfiguration PlanarConfiguration, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
PageName The name of the page from which this image was scanned
XPosition (TIFF Extended) X position of the image.
YPosition (TIFF Extended) Y position of the image.
GrayResponseUnit The precision of the information contained in the GrayResponseCurve
GrayResponseCurve For grayscale data, the optical density of each possible pixel value.
ResolutionUnit ResolutionUnit, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
PageNumber (TIFF Extended) The page number of the page from which this image was scanned.
TransferFunction TransferFunction, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
Software Software, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
DateTime DateTime, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
Artist Artist, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
HostComputer The computer and/or operating system in use at the time of image creation.
WhitePoint WhitePoint, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
PrimaryChromaticities PrimaryChromaticities, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
JpegInterchangeFormat JpegInterchangeFormat, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
JpegInterchangeFormatLength JpegInterchangeFormatLength, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
YCbCrCoefficients YCbCrCoefficients, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
YCbCrSubSampling YCbCrSubSampling, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
YCbCrPositioning YCbCrPositioning, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
ReferenceBlackWhite ReferenceBlackWhite, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
BatteryLevel 0x828F TIFF/EP: Encodes camera battery level at time of image capture.
Copyright Copyright, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
ExifIfdPointer ExifIfdPointer, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
GpsInfoIfdPointer GpsInfoIfdPointer, used by Main Ifd (0 - 32)
ExposureTime ExposureTime, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
FNumber FNumber, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
IccProfile 0x8773 InterColorProfile (Exif)
ExposureProgram 0x8822 ExposureProgram (Exif)
SpectralSensitivity 0x8824 SpectralSensitivity (Exif)
IsoSpeedRatings IsoSpeedRatings, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Oecf Oecf, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Interlace 0x8829 Interlace - Indicates the field number of multifield images. (TIFF/EP)
TimeZoneOffset Encodes time zone of camera clock relative to GMT. (TIFF/EP)
SelfTimeMode 0x882B SelfTimeMode (Exif)
ExifVersion ExifVersion (Exif)
DateTimeOriginal DateTimeOriginal (Exif)
DateTimeDigitized DateTimeDigitized (Exif)
ComponentsConfiguration ComponentsConfiguration, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
CompressedBitsPerPixel CompressedBitsPerPixel, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ShutterSpeedValue ShutterSpeedValue, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ApertureValue ApertureValue, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
BrightnessValue BrightnessValue, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ExposureBiasValue ExposureBiasValue, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
MaxApertureValue MaxApertureValue, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SubjectDistance SubjectDistance, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
MeteringMode MeteringMode, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
LightSource LightSource, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Flash Flash, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
FocalLength FocalLength, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
MakerNote (0x927C) MakerNote
UserComment (0x9286) UserComment
SubsecTime SubsecTime, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SubsecTimeOriginal SubsecTimeOriginal, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SubsecTimeDigitized SubsecTimeDigitized, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
FlashPixVersion FlashPixVersion, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ColorSpace ColorSpace, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
PixelXDimension PixelXDimension, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
PixelYDimension PixelYDimension, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
RelatedSoundFile RelatedSoundFile, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
InteroperabilityIfdPointer InteroperabilityIfdPointer, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
FlashEnergy FlashEnergy, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SpatialFrequencyResponse (0xA20C) Exif: SpatialFrequencyResponse
FocalPlaneXResolution (0xA20E) Exif: FocalPlaneXResolution
FocalPlaneYResolution (0xA20F) Exif: FocalPlaneYResolution
FocalPlaneResolutionUnit (0xA210) Exif: FocalPlaneResolutionUnit
SubjectLocation (0xA214) Exif: SubjectLocation
ExposureIndex ExposureIndex, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SensingMethod 0xA217 SensingMethod (Exif)
FileSource FileSource (Exif)
SceneType SceneType (Exif)
CFAPattern Exif: Indicates the color filter array (CFA) geometric pattern of the image sensor when a one-chip color area sensor is used.
ImageNumber Exif: ImageNumber
SecurityClassification SecurityClassification, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ImageHistory ImageHistory, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
TiffEpStandardID TiffEpStandardID (Not well attested - see 0x9216!)
CustomRendered CustomRendered, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ExposureMode ExposureMode, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
WhiteBalance WhiteBalance, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
DigitalZoomRatio DigitalZoomRatio, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
FocalLengthIn35mmFormat FocalLengthIn35mmFormat, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SceneCaptureType SceneCaptureType, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
GainControl GainControl, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Contrast Contrast, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Saturation Saturation, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Sharpness Sharpness, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
DeviceSettingDescription DeviceSettingDescription, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SubjectDistanceRange SubjectDistanceRange, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ImageUniqueID ImageUniqueID, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
CameraOwnerName owner of the camera as an ASCII string
BodySerialNumber serial number of the body of the camera as an ASCII string
LensSpecification minimum focal length, maximum focal length, minimum F number in the minimum focal length, and minimum F number in the maximum focal length
LensMake lens manufacturer as an ASCII string
LensModel Lens Model ASCII string
LensSerialNumber Lens Serial Number, serial number of the interchangeable lens that was used in photography, as an ASCII string.
GDALMetaData GDALMetaData, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
Gamma Gamma, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
FilmProductCode FilmProductCode, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
ImageSourceEK ImageSourceEK, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
CaptureConditionsPAR CaptureConditionsPAR, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
CameraOwner CameraOwner, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
SerialNumber SerialNumber, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
UserSelectGroupTitle UserSelectGroupTitle, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
DealerIDNumber DealerIDNumber, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
CaptureDeviceFID CaptureDeviceFID, used by Exif Ifd (31 - 73)
PrintImageMatching says: "description needed". Found in some Olympus JPEGs. Sub-IFD?
DNGVersion Encodes the DNG four-tier version number.
DNGBackwardVersion Specifies the oldest version of the Digital Negative specification for which a file is compatible.
UniqueCameraModel Defines a unique, non-localized name for the camera model that created the image in the raw file.
LocalizedCameraModel Similar to the UniqueCameraModel tag, except the name can be localized for different markets to match the localization of the camera name
GpsVersionId GpsVersionId, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsLatitudeRef GpsLatitudeRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsLatitude GpsLatitude, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsLongitudeRef GpsLongitudeRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsLongitude GpsLongitude, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsAltitudeRef GpsAltitudeRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsAltitude GpsAltitude, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsTimeStamp GpsTimeStamp, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsSatellites GpsSatellites, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsStatus GpsStatus, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsMeasureMode GpsMeasureMode, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDop GpsDop, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsSpeedRef GpsSpeedRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsSpeed GpsSpeed, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsTrackRef GpsTrackRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsTrack GpsTrack, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsImgDirectionRef GpsImgDirectionRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsImgDirection GpsImgDirection, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsMapDatum GpsMapDatum, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestLatitudeRef GpsDestLatitudeRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestLatitude GpsDestLatitude, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestLongitudeRef GpsDestLongitudeRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestLongitude GpsDestLongitude, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestBearingRef GpsDestBearingRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestBearing GpsDestBearing, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestDistanceRef GpsDestDistanceRef, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
GpsDestDistance GpsDestDistance, used by Gps Ifd (74 - 100)
InteroperabilityIndex InteroperabilityIndex, used by Interoperability Ifd (101 - 105)
InteroperabilityVersion InteroperabilityVersion, used by Interoperability Ifd (101 - 105)
RelatedImageFileFormat RelatedImageFileFormat, used by Interoperability Ifd (101 - 105)
RelatedImageWidth RelatedImageWidth, used by Interoperability Ifd (101 - 105)
RelatedImageLength RelatedImageLength, used by Interoperability Ifd (101 - 105)
FujiVersion FujiVersion, Fuji specific tag
FujiQuality FujiQuality, Fuji specific tag
FujiSharpness FujiSharpness, Fuji specific tag
FujiWhiteBalance FujiWhiteBalance, Fuji specific tag
FujiColor FujiColor, Fuji specific tag
FujiTone FujiTone, Fuji specific tag
FujiFlashMode FujiFlashMode, Fuji specific tag
FujiFlashStrength FujiFlashStrength, Fuji specific tag
FujiMacro FujiMacro, Fuji specific tag
FujiFocusMode FujiFocusMode, Fuji specific tag
FujiSlowSynch FujiSlowSynch, Fuji specific tag
FujiPictureMode FujiPictureMode, Fuji specific tag
FujiContTakeBracket FujiContTakeBracket, Fuji specific tag
FujiBlurWarning FujiBlurWarning, Fuji specific tag
FujiFocusWarning FujiFocusWarning, Fuji specific tag
FujiAEWarning FujiAEWarning, Fuji specific tag
FujiUnknown FujiUnknown, Fuji specific tag
OlympusMakernoteVersion OlympusMakernoteVersion, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusMinoltaCameraSettings MinoltaCameraSettings, Olympus(Minolta) makernote tag
OlympusMinoltaAltCameraSettings Minolta Alternate Camera Settings, Olympus(Minolta) makernote tag
OlympusPrintImageMatchingInfo OlympusPrintImageMatchingInfo, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCameraCompressedImageSize OlympusCameraCompressedImageSize, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusMinoltaThumbnailOffset OlympusMinoltaThumbnailOffset, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusMinoltaThumbnailOffset1 OlympusMinoltaThumbnailOffset1, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusMinoltaThumbnailLength OlympusMinoltaThumbnailLength, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusThumbnailImage Olympus Makernote - thumbnail image
OlympusColorMode OlympusColorMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusImageQuality OlympusImageQuality (0..4), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusImageQuality1 OlympusImageQuality1 (0..4), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBodyFirmwareVersion Body Firmware Version, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusSpecialMode SpecialMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusJpegQuality JPEG Quality (1,2,3), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusMacro Macro mode (0=off, 1=Macro), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBWMode Black and white mode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusDigitalZoom Digital zoom (0=off, 1=on ?), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusPlaneFocalDiagonal Digital zoom (0=off, 1=on ?), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusLensDistortionParams Digital zoom (0=off, 1=on ?), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCameraType Camera type, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusPictInfo OlympusPictInfo, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCameraId OlympusCameraId, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusSoftware Software (?), Olympus(Epson) makernote tag
OlympusFirmware Firmware (version?), Olympus makernote tag
OlympusDataDump OlympusDataDump, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusDataDump2 OlympusDataDump2, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusShutterSpeed OlympusFlashMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusISOSpeed OlympusFlashMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusApertureValue OlympusFlashMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBrightness OlympusFlashMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFlashMode OlympusFlashMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFlashDevice OlympusFlashDevice, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBracket OlympusBracket, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusSensorTemperature OlympusSensorTemperature, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusLensTemperature OlympusLensTemperature, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusLightCondition OlympusLightCondition, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFocusRange OlympusFocusRange, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFocusMode OlympusFocusMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFocusDistance OlympusFocusDistance, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusZoom OlympusZoom, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusMacroFocus OlympusMacroFocus, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusSharpness OlympusSharpness, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFlashChargeLevel OlympusFlashChargeLevel, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusColorMatrix OlympusColorMatrix, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBlackLevel OlympusBlackLevel, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBlackLevel1 OlympusDataDump2, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusWhiteBalance OlympusWhiteBalance, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusRedBias OlympusRedBias, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusBlueBias OlympusBlueBias, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusColorMatrixNumber OlympusColorMatrixNumber, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusSerialNumber OlympusSerialNumber, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFlashBias OlympusFlashBias, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusContrast OlympusContrast, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusSharpnessFactor OlympusSharpnessFactor, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusColorControl OlympusColorControl, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusValidBits OlympusValidBits, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCoringFilter OlympusCoringFilter, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusImageWidth OlympusImageWidth, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusImageHeight OlympusImageHeight, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCompressionRatio OlympusCompressionRatio, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusThumbnail Thumbnail, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusThumbnailOffset ThumbnailOffset, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusThumbnailLength ThumbnailLength, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCCDScanMode CCDScanMode, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusNoiseReduction NoiseReduction, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusInfinityLensStep InfinityLensStep, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusNearLensStep NearLensStep, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusEquipment Equipment sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusCameraSettings Camera settings sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusRawDevelopment Raw development sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusRawDevelopment2 Raw development 2 sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusImageProcessing Image processing sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusFocusInfo Focus Info sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
OlympusRawInfo Raw info sub-IFD, Olympus makernote tag
NikonQuality NikonQuality, Nikon specific tag
NikonColorMode NikonColorMode, Nikon specific tag
NikonImageAdjustment NikonImageAdjustment, Nikon specific tag
NikonCcdSensitivity NikonCcdSensitivity, Nikon specific tag
NikonWhiteBalance NikonWhiteBalance, Nikon specific tag
NikonFocus NikonFocus, Nikon specific tag
NikonDigitalZoom NikonDigitalZoom, Nikon specific tag
NikonConverter NikonConverter, Nikon specific tag
Nikon3MakernoteVersion Nikon3MakernoteVersion, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ISOSpeedUsed Nikon3ISOSpeedUsed, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ColorMode Nikon3ColorMode, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3Quality Nikon3Quality, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3WhiteBalance Nikon3WhiteBalance, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3Sharpening Nikon3Sharpening, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3FocusMode Nikon3FocusMode, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3FlashSetting Nikon3FlashSetting, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3AutoFlashMode Nikon MakerNote3 AutoFlashMode
Nikon3WhiteBalanceBias Nikon MakerNote3 WhiteBalanceBias
Nikon3WB_RBLevels Nikon MakerNote3 WB_RedBlueLevels
Nikon3ProgramShift Nikon MakerNote3 ProgramShift
Nikon3ExposureDiff Nikon MakerNote3 ExposureDiff
Nikon3ISOSelection Nikon MakerNote3 ISOSelection
Nikon3DataDump Nikon MakerNote3 DataDump
Nikon3Preview Nikon MakerNote3 Preview
Nikon3FlashComp Nikon MakerNote3 FlashComp
Nikon3ISOSettings Nikon MakerNote3 ISOSettings
Nikon3ImageBoundary Nikon MakerNote3 ImageBoundary
Nikon3PhotoCornerCoordinates The nikon3 photo corner coordinates
Nikon3FlashExposureComp Nikon MakerNote3 FlashExposureComp
Nikon3FlashBracketComp Nikon MakerNote3 FlashBracketComp
Nikon3FlashBracketCompensationApplied The nikon3 flash bracket compensation applied
Nikon3ExposureBracketComp Nikon MakerNote3 ExposureBracketComp
Nikon3AEBracketCompensationApplied The nikon3 ae bracket compensation applied
Nikon3ImageProcessing Nikon MakerNote3 ImageProcessing
Nikon3CropHiSpeed Nikon MakerNote3 CropHiSpeed
Nikon3ExposureTuning Nikon MakerNote3 ExposureTuning
Nikon3SerialNumber Nikon MakerNote3 SerialNumber
Nikon3ColorSpace Nikon MakerNote3 ColorSpace
Nikon3VRInfo Nikon MakerNote3 VRInfo
Nikon3ImageAuthentication Nikon MakerNote3 ImageAuthentication
Nikon3ActiveDLighting Nikon MakerNote3 ActiveDLighting
Nikon3PictureControl Nikon MakerNote3 PictureControl
Nikon3WorldTime Nikon MakerNote3 WorldTime
Nikon3ISOInfo Nikon MakerNote3 ISOInfo
Nikon3VignetteControl Nikon MakerNote3 VignetteControl
Nikon3ImageAdjustment ImageAdjustment, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ToneCompensation Nikon3ToneCompensation, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3AuxiliaryLens Nikon3AuxiliaryLens, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3LensType Nikon3LensType, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3LensMinMaxFocalLength Nikon3LensMinMaxFocalLength, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ManualFocusDistance Nikon3ManualFocusDistance, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3DigitalZoomFactor Nikon3DigitalZoomFactor, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3FlashUsed Nikon3FlashUsed, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3AutoFocusArea Nikon3AutoFocusArea, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3BracketingShootingMode Nikon3BracketingShootingMode, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3AutoBracketRelease Nikon MakerNote3 AutoBracketRelease
Nikon3LensFStops Nikon MakerNote3 LensFStops
Nikon3ContrastCurve Nikon MakerNote3 ContrastCurve
Nikon3ColorHue Nikon3ColourMode, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ColourMode The nikon3 colour mode
Nikon3SceneMode Nikon3SceneMode, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3LightingType Nikon3LightingType, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ShotInfo Nikon MakerNote3 ShotInfo
Nikon3HueAdjustment Nikon MakerNote3 HueAdjustment
Nikon3NEFCompression Nikon MakerNote3 NEFCompression
Nikon3Saturation Nikon3Saturation, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3NoiseReduction Nikon3NoiseReduction, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3ColorBalance Nikon3ColorBalance
Nikon3LensData Nikon3LensData
Nikon3RawImageCenter Nikon3RawImageCenter
Nikon3SensorPixelSize Nikon3SensorPixelSize
Nikon3SceneAssist Nikon3SceneAssist
Nikon3RetouchHistory Nikon3RetouchHistory
Nikon3ImageDataSize Nikon3ImageDataSize
Nikon3TagA3 Nikon3TagA3
Nikon3ImageCount Nikon3ImageCount
Nikon3DeletedImageCount Nikon3DeletedImageCount
Nikon3ShutterCount TotalNumberOfShutterReleasesForCamera
Nikon3TotalNumberOfShutterReleasesForCamera The nikon3 total number of shutter releases for camera
Nikon3FlashInfo FlashInfo
Nikon3ImageOptimisation ImageOptimisation, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3Saturation2 Saturation1, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3DigitalVariProgram DigitalVariProgram, Nikon specific tag, type 3
Nikon3MultiExposure MultiExposure
Nikon3HighISONoiseReduction HighISONoiseReduction
CasioRecordingMode CasioRecordingMode, Casio specific tag
CasioQuality CasioQuality, Casio specific tag
CasioFocusingMode CasioFocusingMode, Casio specific tag
CasioFlashMode CasioFlashMode, Casio specific tag
CasioFlashIntensity CasioFlashIntensity, Casio specific tag
CasioObjectDistance CasioObjectDistance, Casio specific tag
CasioWhiteBalance CasioWhiteBalance, Casio specific tag
CasioDigitalZoom CasioDigitalZoom, Casio specific tag
CasioSharpness CasioSharpness, Casio specific tag
CasioContrast CasioContrast, Casio specific tag
CasioSaturation CasioSaturation, Casio specific tag
CasioCcdSensitivity CasioCcdSensitivity, Casio specific tag
CanonHeader CanonHeader, Canon specific tag
CanonTagLength1 CanonTagLength1, Canon specific tag
CanonMacroMode CanonMacroMode, Canon specific tag
CanonSelfTimer CanonSelfTimer, Canon specific tag
CanonQuality CanonQuality, Canon specific tag
CanonFlashMode CanonFlashMode, Canon specific tag
CanonContinuousDriveMode CanonContinuousDriveMode, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_6 CanonUnknown1_6, Canon specific tag
CanonFocusMode CanonFocusMode, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_8 CanonUnknown1_8, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_9 CanonUnknown1_9, Canon specific tag
CanonImageSize CanonImageSize, Canon specific tag
CanonEasyShootingMode CanonEasyShootingMode, Canon specific tag
CanonDigitalZoom CanonDigitalZoom, Canon specific tag
CanonContrast CanonContrast, Canon specific tag
CanonSaturation CanonSaturation, Canon specific tag
CanonSharpness CanonSharpness, Canon specific tag
CanonIso CanonIso, Canon specific tag
CanonMeteringMode CanonMeteringMode, Canon specific tag
CanonFocusType CanonFocusType, Canon specific tag
CanonAFPointSelected CanonAFPointSelected, Canon specific tag
CanonExposureMode CanonExposureMode, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_21 CanonUnknown1_21, Canon specific tag
CanonLensType CanonLensType, Canon specific tag
CanonLongFocalLength CanonLongFocalLength, Canon specific tag
CanonShortFocalLength CanonShortFocalLength, Canon specific tag
CanonFocalUnits CanonFocalUnits, Canon specific tag
CanonMaxAperture CanonMaxAperture, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_27 CanonUnknown1_27, Canon specific tag
CanonFlashActivity CanonFlashActivity, Canon specific tag
CanonFlashDetails CanonFlashDetails, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_30 CanonUnknown1_30, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_31 CanonUnknown1_31, Canon specific tag
CanonFocusContinuos CanonFocusContinuos, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_33 CanonUnknown1_33, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_34 CanonUnknown1_34, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_35 CanonUnknown1_35, Canon specific tag
CanonZoomedResolution CanonZoomedResolution, Canon specific tag
CanonZoomedResolutionBase CanonZoomedResolutionBase, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_38 CanonUnknown1_38, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_39 CanonUnknown1_39, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_40 CanonUnknown1_40, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_41 CanonUnknown1_41, Canon specific tag
CanonColorTone CanonColorTone, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_43 CanonUnknown1_43, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_44 CanonUnknown1_44, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_45 CanonUnknown1_45, Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown1_46 CanonUnknown1_46, Canon specific tag
CanonFocalTypeCanon specific tag
CanonFocalLengthCanon specific tag
CanonFocalPlaneXSizeCanon specific tag
CanonFocalPlaneYSizeCanon specific tag
CanonUnknownTag3Canon specific tag
CanonUnknownTag16Canon specific tag
CanonFileLengthCanon specific tag
CanonTagLength4Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_1Canon specific tag
CanonShotISOCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_3Canon specific tag
CanonTargetApertureCanon specific tag
CanonTargetExposureTimeCanon specific tag
CanonExposureCompensationCanon specific tag
CanonWhiteBalanceCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_8Canon specific tag
CanonSequenceNumberCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_10Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_11Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_12Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_13Canon specific tag
CanonAFPointUsedCanon specific tag
CanonFlashBiasCanon specific tag
CanonAutoExposureBracketingCanon specific tag
CanonAEBBracketValueCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_18Canon specific tag
CanonSubjectDistanceCanon specific tag
CanonFocusDistanceLowerCanon specific tag
CanonFNumberCanon specific tag
CanonExposureTimeCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_23Canon specific tag
CanonBulbDurationCanon specific tag
CanonAutoRotateCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_26Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_27Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_28Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_29Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_30Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown4_31Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown5_00Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown5_01Canon specific tag
CanonPanoramaFrameCanon specific tag
CanonUnknown5_03Canon specific tag
CanonUnknown5_04Canon specific tag
CanonPanoramaDirectionCanon specific tag
CanonImageTypeCanon specific tag
CanonFirmwareVersionCanon specific tag
CanonImageNumberCanon specific tag
CanonOwnerNameCanon specific tag
CanonFileInfoFileNumberCanon specific tag
CanonFileInfoShutterCountCanon specific tag
CanonCameraSerialNumberCanon specific tag
CanonUnknownA_00Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_01Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_02Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_03Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_04Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_05Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_06Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_07Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonUnknownA_08Canon 0xa specific tag
CanonColorTemperatureCanon 0xa specific tag
CanonColorMatrixCanon 0xa specific tag
CanonRedBalanceAutoCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceAutoCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceDayLightCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceDayLightCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceCloudyCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceCloudyCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceTungstenCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceTungstenCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceFluorescentCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceFluorescentCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceFlashCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceFlashCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceCustomCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceCustomCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceBWCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceBWCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonRedBalanceShadeCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonBlueBalanceShadeCanon 0xA9 specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown0Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown1Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown2Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown3Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DExposureTimeCanon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown5Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown6Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown7Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown8Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown9Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DFocalLengthCanon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DUnknown11Canon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DLensTypeCanon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DShortFocalCanon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DLongFocalCanon 0xd specific tag
CanonLensInfo1DFocalTypeCanon 0xd specific tag
CanonColorTemperature1Canon 0x00AE specific tag
CanonPictureInfoImageWidthCanon 0x12 specific tag
CanonPictureInfoImageHeightCanon 0x12 specific tag
CanonPictureInfoImageWidthAsShotCanon 0x12 specific tag
CanonPictureInfoImageHeightAsShotCanon 0x12 specific tag
CanonPictureInfoImageAFPointsUsedCanon 0x12 specific tag
CanonPictureInfoUnknownCanon 0x12 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoUnKnown0Canon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoUnKnown1Canon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoLengthCanon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoWidthCanon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoHeightCanon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoStartCanon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoFocalPlaneXResolutionCanon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoUnknown7Canon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonPreviewImageInfoFocalPlaneYResolutionCanon 0x00B6 specific tag
CanonTagLength15Canon specific tag
CanonLongExposureNoiseReductionCanon specific tag
CanonShutterAELockButtonsCanon specific tag
CanonMirrorLockupCanon specific tag
CanonTVAVAndExposureLevelCanon specific tag
CanonAFAssistLightCanon specific tag
CanonShutterSpeedInAVModeCanon specific tag
CanonAebSequenceAutoCancellationCanon specific tag
CanonShutterCurtainSyncCanon specific tag
CanonLensAFStopButtonFNSwitchCanon specific tag
CanonAutoReductionOfFillFlashCanon specific tag
CanonMenuButtonReturnPositionCanon specific tag
CanonSetButtonFuncWhenShootingCanon specific tag
CanonSensorCleaningCanon specific tag
CanonSuperImposedDisplayCanon specific tag
CanonShutterReleaseNoCFCardCanon specific tag
TgCanonUnknown0Canon specific tag
TgCanonCameraSettingsCanon specific tag
TgCanonFocalLengthCanon specific tag
TgCanonFlashInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonShotInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonPanoramaCanon specific tag
TgCanonImageTypeCanon specific tag
TgCanonFirmwareVersionCanon specific tag
TgCanonImageNumberCanon specific tag
TgCanonFileNumber The tg canon file number
TgCanonOwnerNameCanon specific tag
TgCanonColorInfoD30Canon specific tag
TgCanonUnknown11Canon specific tag
TgCanonSerialNumberCanon specific tag
TgCanonLensInfo1DCanon specific tag
TgCanonFileLengthCanon specific tag
TgCanonCustomFunctionsCanon specific tag
TgCanonModelIDCanon specific tag
TgCanonMovieInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonAFInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonCameraInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonSerialNumberFormatCanon specific tag
TgCanonSuperMacroCanon specific tag
TgCanonDateStampModeCanon specific tag
TgCanonMyColorsCanon specific tag
TgCanonFirmwareRevisionCanon specific tag
TgCanonCategoriesCanon specific tag
TgCanonFaceDetect1Canon specific tag
TgCanonFaceDetect2Canon specific tag
TgCanonAFInfo2Canon specific tag
TgCanonContrastInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonCustomFunctions1DCanon specific tag
TgCanonFileInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonLensModelCanon specific tag
TgCanonDustRemovalDataCanon specific tag
TgCanonCropInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonAspectInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonProcessingInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonWhiteBalanceTableCanon specific tag
TgCanonUnknown168Canon specific tag
TgCanonColorBalanceCanon specific tag
TgCanonMeasuredColorCanon specific tag
TgCanonColorTemperatureCanon specific tag
TgCanonColorSpaceCanon specific tag
TgCanonPreviewImageInfoCanon specific tag
TgCanonUnknown192Canon specific tag
TgCanonUnknown193Canon specific tag
CanonRawColorInfoCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawFileDescriptionCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawUserCommentCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawMakeModelCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawFirmwareVersionCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawROMOperationModeCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawOwnerNameCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawImageTypeCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawOriginalFileNameCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawThumbnailFileNameCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawTargetImageTypeCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawShutterReleaseMethodCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawShutterReleaseTimingCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawBaseISOCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawFocalLengthCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawShotInfoCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawCameraSettingsCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawWhiteSampleCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawSensorInfoCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawCustomFunctionCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawPictureInfoCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawWhiteBalanceTableCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawColorTemperatureCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawColorSpaceCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawImageFormatCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawCompressionRatioCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawRecordIdCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawSelfTimerTimeCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawTargetDistanceSettingCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawSerialNumberCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawTimeStampCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawImageInfoCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawFlashInfoCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawMeasuredEVCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawFileNumberCanon Raw specific tag
CanonRawExposureInfoCanon Raw specific tag
SanyoSpecialModeSANYO specific tag
SanyoJpegQualitySANYO specific tag
SanyoMacroSANYO specific tag
SanyoDigitalZoomSANYO specific tag
SanyoSoftwareReleaseSANYO specific tag
SanyoPictInfoSANYO specific tag
SanyoCameraIDSANYO specific tag
SanyoSequentialShotMethodSANYO specific tag
SanyoWideRangeSANYO specific tag
SanyoColourAdjustmentModeSANYO specific tag
SanyoQuickShotSANYO specific tag
SanyoSelfTimerSANYO specific tag
SanyoVoiceMemoSANYO specific tag
SanyoRecordShutterReleaseSANYO specific tag
SanyoFlickerReduceSANYO specific tag
SanyoOpticalZoomSANYO specific tag
SanyoDigitalZoom1SANYO specific tag
SanyoLightSourceSpecialSANYO specific tag
SanyoResavedSANYO specific tag
SanyoSceneSelectSANYO specific tag
SanyoManualFocalDistanceSANYO specific tag
SanyoFlashModeSANYO specific tag
SanyoPrintIMFlagSANYO specific tag
SanyoDataDumpSANYO specific tag
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