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The Atalasoft MobileImage API Reference Guide for Android provides a detailed description of each class included in the Mobile SDK library. This guide assumes you have a detailed understanding of the development environments used to implement the APIs described here. This reference guide is designed to be used along with the Atalasoft MobileImage Developer's Guide as the primary reference documents for your development.

Main packages

Package Functionality
Capture Packaged Capture Experience API
Engines ImageProcessor, ImageClassifier, container for image (Image), image processing config (ImageProcessorConfiguration).
Results of operations performed like bar code data found (BarcodeResult), image classification results (ImageClassificationResult) or image quick analysis results (QuickAnalysisFeedback).
Bounding rectangle and tetragon.
UIControls Classes and API associated with UI controls that you can add to your mobile application.
The image capture UI control (ImageCaptureView) captures images of documents that you want to include in the business process you design in your application. You should use it with appropriate capture experience class according to document types: common DocumentCaptureExperience or specialized CheckCaptureExperience, PassportCaptureExperience or FixedAspectRatioCaptureExperience
You can control the size, aspect ratio and design of a frame that represents a visual cue to the user that shows the size and orientation of the target page. Your user would then orient the camera or the document to line up with the frame so that the picture taken has the document correctly oriented.
The image review and edit control (ImgReviewEditCntrl) is intended to display images of documents used as part of your business flow. It includes a rectangle that you can control to allow your user to manually indicate the page boundary for a subsequent edit process using the image processor.
The Barcode UI capture control (BarCodeCaptureView) captures single barcode data when you hover over one with the live camera view.

Licensing, error classes, SdkVersion, AppContextProvider, etc.

Asynchronous operations, events
The SDK API not only includes classes to provide the API to properties and methods, but also several events for notifying you of progress or completion of asynchronous operations. Asynchronous operations include image processing, image classification, image and barcode capture.
Some of the top level API classes are instantiated as regular instance objects by using a public constructor, but are restricted to having only one object instance active at any given time. These "one active at a time" objects include the image processor, the image classifier.
The events below are provided by the Atalasoft MobileImage. Mostly listener callbacks can be registered in each of the designated classes to receive these events.

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