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HOWTO: Offline Activation of DotImage


To activate DotImage you will need to have a machine that has access to the internet. This does not mean that you cannot activate the software on a machine that does not have access. IF you are trying to activate the software on a machine that does not have internet access please do the following steps.

SDK (developer) Licensing

  1. Run the DotImage Activation Wizard utility
  2. This will tell you it cannot find a internet connection and will create a "offline activation file"
  3. You will need to take the "Offline activation" file and move it to a computer with an internet connection
  4. Once you have the "offline activation" files on a PC that does have an internet connection please go to the following web site.
  5. Follow the instructions on the website FOR EACH offline activation file that you have
  6. As you activate the files you will be prompted to save them please do so but remove the ".aspx" extension from the files
  7. Once you have all of the offline activation files you will need to move them back to the computer that they were generated from
  8. Once you have the files back on the original PC Please place them in the following directory for versions of DotImage 4.0 and lower the .lic files will get put here C:\Program Files (x86)\Atalasoft\DotImage 4.0\Bin
    For DotImage 5.0 and newer the .lic files will need to go here C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Atalasoft\DotImage X.X\ (where x.x is the version such as 11.1 etc..)

If you are using DotTwain then here is where the DotTwain license's need to go into the following directory's for 2.1 and older: C:\Program Files\Atalasoft\DotTwain 2.1\Bin
and for DotTwain 5.0 and up, the .lic file will go here C:\users\YOUR_USERNAME\AppData\Local\Atalasoft\DotTwain X.X\ (where x.x is the version such as 11.1 etc..)

Server Licensing

If you are activating a Server license in an offline situation please see below.

  1. Run the DotImage Activation Wizard on a machine that has an active internet connection (note, you do not need to install the SDK.. you can just run the activation wizard (available here))
  2. When prompted enter your server License key
  3. When prompted enter the IP address of you server (if you server has 2 IP's please enter the first one then enter a "space" (hit the spacebar) these ip's need to the IP's that are on the server when you run the Ipconfig utility from the command prompt)
  4. Please follow the instructions on screen and save the .lic file
  5. Once you have the .lic file you will need to get it to your server running the Atalasoft software and place it in the "Bin" directory of you application

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