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FIX: NuGet Packages Giving Version 11.5 (not released yet) Causing License Issue



Atalasoft is in the final stages of getting  the 11.5 version ready for initial release. (As of May 23, 2024 when this article was written). One of the many tasks we have for a new feature release is that we have a significant additional set of steps to get the NuGet package manager to accept our new release for publication. (Adding a new FixPack to 11.4 is fairly quick and does not trigger a new license version, but for moving from 11.4 to 11.5 it does)

 In the past, we have waited to push our NuGet packages until we have our official release. The issue is that the overhead of the publishing and vetting process for a new version is significantly higher and we've encountered significant delays of several weeks at times. Rather than risk going live with a new version to find that NuGet packages are "coming but we're waiting on the NuGet side to approve it" we find it easier to just get the new release out early.

The problem comes when your licenses are not yet up to 11.5 but the Default Latest Stable option is selected in your NuGet, thus it is installing a version that it is impossible for you to license at the moment.


For the time being the work around for those using NuGet packages is to specify the version

When you browse for packages you will see them listed as Atalasoft.SOMETHING.xYY

However, if you click on the package the options for install (or upgrade) will let you specify version. Instead of latest, select version

Once you select that and click install, it should update the package itself and any dependencies to the version and update in the main list.

You can now continue to update any other packages you need to install or upgrade (downgrade) to that version for the time being>

That is the final ever 11.4 version. Stay with that until your 11.5 licensing is activated and in place. Then, you can go back to latest.

This WILL happen again any time either the major or minor version (our versions are   MAJOR.MINOR.SERVICEPACK.FIXPACK.BUILD)  if either major or minor changes, that triggers a new license version, but not for ServicePack, FixPack or Build changes. New Minor builds happen every 6 months to 2 years so it's not too often.

Permanent Fix

Once we've finished the official release process we will be updating licenses for all customers under active maintenance to 11.5, so if you're under maintenance, you should be able to activate for 11.5 and then begin to use the new version. (please read the Release Notes and Changes Introduced in 11.5 - there is a lot going on in this new version).

As always, if you run into an issue (if for instance you keep getting 11.4 instead of 11.5 licenses please create a support case and please make sure to include the relevant serial number(s) so we can more quickly assist you.

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