HOWTO: Collect Version Information on Various Atalasoft Components

Atalasoft SDKs have multiple dlls, and for our web components, we have various dependency scripts and such as well.

It is often critical for support to know the exact full version of a given component so we are sure we're "on the same page" as you.

One very common cause of issues with WebDocumentViewer and WingScan is a mismatch between versions of the client-side scripts and the server side DLLs, and for WingScan, also the version of Web Capture Service installed on the client

Atalasoft DotImage Base SDK

In your project if you;re in Visual studio you can look at your references and click on the Atalasoft.dotImage and look for the full version number there

  • Or in any application that has DotImage go into the bin directory and find the Atalasoft.dotImage.dll
  • right click on it
  • select Properties
  • then go to Details
  • The full Product version will look something like :

NOTE: you can use any Atalasoft dll but normally we suggest just Atalasoft.dotImage.dll - for DotTwain it would be the Atalasoft.DotTwain.dll and for DotPdf, Atalasoft.PdfDoc.dll


  • For this, open your web browser to an app using WDV
  • hit F12 for the dev controls
  • go to he console tab
  • Type in Atalasoft.Controls.Version
  • It will return something like:
    (this is the version string that the same version would return .. note a slight difference but the key is 11.4.0 and the build number of 311.
    In this case, the actual version is but given we have enough to piece it together


  • On the client PC go to the system tray
  • find the icon for Kofax Web Capture Service
  • right click it
  • select About
  • you'll get a dialog that has the version.
    (in this case, it would display:


  • In the unzipped MobileImage distribution there is a text file named Versions.txt
  • We are looking for the SDK= line... Example: the version at this moment shows SDK=