Atalasoft DotImage

CAD Codec SDK for .NET

An add-on to DotImage with runtime royalty-free options

The DotImage CAD Reader can be used to read AutoCAD DWG and DXF formats using the .NET Framework and is licensed desktop runtime royalty-free for single named-user deployments.

CAD Reader Overview

The DotImage CAD Reader integrates with DotImage seamlessly and reads CAD drawings as rasterized images which can be viewed, processed, and converted into other formats by DotImage. DotImage CAD Reader has desktop and server runtime royalty-free options.

Feature List

  • Ability to decode DWG and DXF formats
  • Supports reading from any .NET Stream
  • Ability to zoom to any point or fit the drawing to a page
  • Integrated with DotImage so that images read in it can be viewed, processed or saved as another format
  • Runtime Royalty Free Desktop Licensing options


Using the CAD module's DwgDecoder can be very straightforward.  DotImage gives two methods for opening images:


DwgDecoder myDwgDecoder = new DwgDecoder();
AtalaImage myDwgImage = myDwgDecoder.Read(fileStream, null);


DwgDecoder myDwgDecoder = new DwgDecoder();

With the second method, you don't need to worry about what type of file you are opening -- DotImage will determine what decoder you need automatically when you create a new AtalaImage.

More information to see our Cad add-on in action:
How to Extract Text from a CAD Drawing

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