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INFO: DotImage Release Notes

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DotImage - FixPack 1

July 10, 2024

Issues Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • 2119225 When using a Lexmark scanner, some pages were missing. Fixed processing.
  • 2098293 PDF repair process was incorrectly requiring optional field. Fixed repair process by making the field optional.

DotImage - Initial Release

June 01, 2024

Issues Resolved in This Fix Pack

  • 1716149: [OmniPageEngine] With OmniPage, if you specified an output file to be created in the root folder (such as C:\file.pdf), performing translation with the Translate(ImageSource images, string mime, string fileName) method failed without an error, and no file is created.

The release notes give you late-breaking information about Atalasoft DotImage 11.5.0. Please read this document carefully, as it contains information that is not included in other Atalasoft DotImage documentation.

Version Information

The build number for Atalasoft DotImage 11.5.0 is

System Requirements

The primary source of information about Atalasoft DotImage requirements and dependencies on other products is the Technical Specifications document posted on Atalasoft website. We recommend that you review it carefully, especially if you plan to use Atalasoft DotImage 11.5.0 with other Atalasoft products.

New Features

The following features were added to Atalasoft DotImage in version 11.4.0.

Multithreading capability for PDF decoding

The PDF viewer has been upgraded with multithreading to support concurrent rendering of pages, aimed at reducing delays with complex and large pages. Performance impact may be affected as follows:

  • Documents with vector content will experience performance improvements.
  • High page-count documents with rasterized content may experience performance improvements.
  • High page-count documents with vector content, especially if the vector quantity per page is small, may not show substantial performance improvement.
  • Some PDF processing use case types may experience a degradation in performance as a result of parallel orchestration and system resource constraints. These use case types include the following:
    • Using the multiprocessing feature for single page PDF documents.
    • Using the multiprocessing feature for PDF documents without any graphics.
    • Using the multiprocessing feature in one-core CPU environment.

Decoders for additional file types

The decoders have been enhanced to handle a wider range of file formats. The new support includes:

  • .webp files: Decoding for newer web image formats.
  • .msg files: Direct support for decoding email formats.
  • .eml files: Enhanced email decoding capabilities.
  • .html and .txt files: Expanded web and text file decoding.
  • XML files: Broadened support for structured data formats.
  • Visio documents: Now supports Visio diagrams and drawings.

​** .msg files and Visio documents require the Microsoft Office Reader addon.

Tesseract5Engine support

Atalasoft DotImage now supports the Tesseract 5 OCR Engine along with the Tesseract 3 OCR Engine. Usage information specific to Atalasoft DotImage is covered in the Atalasoft DotImage Developer's Guide. See the Tesseract3Engine or Tesseract5Engine class documentation in the API Reference for additional information.

(Web Scanning Client Only) Support for Apple Mac computers with M-series processors

Atalasoft DotImage supports Mac computers with Intel and M-series processors for the versions of macOS indicated in the Atalasoft DotImage Technical Specifications.

* This specifically relates to the Kofax.WebCapture.macOS.pkg used by MacOS computers for Web-based Scaning with WingScan

Changes in Behavior

The following changes were made in Atalasoft DotImage version 11.5.0.

See also: INFO: Changes Introduced in 11.5 for more details

Removed Some values from  PdfDecoder.RenderSettings.AnnotationSettings AnnotationRenderSettings enum

In AnnotationRenderSettings Enumeration, these are the only settings that can be used:

  • RenderWidgetAnnotation
  • RenderNone
  • RenderAll
  • None

All other settings are obsolete and have been removed.

OcrEngine.Supported() method deprecated

The OcrEngine.Supported() method is obsolete and has been deprecated. Use OcrEngine.SupportedMimeTypes() instead.

Deprecated Support

Support for the following was dropped in this version:

  • MacOS scanning
    • MacOS 10.14 Catalina
  • Server operating systems
    • Windows Server 2012 R2
    • Windows Server 201
  • Client operating systems
    • Windows 8.1 (Desktop mode only)
  • Required/supported third-party technologies for DotImage
    • .NET 5 (Windows platform only)
    • ASP.NET Core 2.1
  • Required/supported third-party technologies for DotViewer
    • ASP.NET Core 2.1
  • Compatible third-party technologies for development environments
    • Visual Studio 2013
    • Visual Studio 2012
  • Compatible third-party technologies for remote desktop technologies
    • Citrix XenApp
    • XenDesktop
  • Compatible third-party technologies for AutoCAD products
    • AutoCAD 2020
    • AutoCAD 2019
    • AutoCAD 2018

    Removal of Ink Annotations

    Support for ink annotations was removed in this version. The code that uses classes from Atalasoft.Annotate.Ink is not compiled. Associated files will be removed in the next version.

    Known Issues

    This chapter contains information about potential issues that you may encounter while using Atalasoft DotImage 11.5.0.

    • 2102650: The Read() method in PdfDecoder throws exceptions on x86 platform when rendering PDF documents with large pages.
    • 2073213: Incorrect rendering of some shapes in OfficeDecoder.
    • 2073144: When decoding a relatively large XML file in TxtDecoder with a preset relatively large PageSize value, some of the XML data is lost.
    • 2068685: After decoding .vdx files in OfficeDecoder, many graphic elements change their background and text color in the resulting images. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2066742: In OfficeDecoder, the mail address of the sender is not always present next to the name on resulting image after decoding msg file.
    • 2066689: The resulting times obtained after decoding .msg files in OfficeDecoder contain both the sent and date time when the message was received. Images should only display the date the message was received.
    • 2065954: Contents of .eml and .msg files are not scaled automatically correctly according to the specified width and height of the resulting image.
    • 2065217: Word wrapping order violation and text alignment violation after decoding .vsdx files in OfficeDecoder. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2065144: The strokes of border dashed line in a .vsdx file become thinner and longer after decoding in OfficeDecoder. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2065092: After decoding a .vsdx file in OfficeDecoder, the graphic elements background changes its color from white to some other color. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2065045: After decoding a .vsdx file in OfficeDecoder, there is a violation in the alignment of graphical elements containing text relatively to each other. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2065019: The text font in .vsdx files changes its color from white to another color after decoding in OfficeDecoder. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2064356: In result images obtained by decoding .eml files with EmlDecoder, Message-ID is always present.
    • 2060267: HtmlDecoder does not support CSS3.
    • 2060237: JavaScript is not processed when rendering HTML files with HtmlDecoder.
    • 2060236: HtmlDecoder does not support connecting CSS styles to an HTML page using a reference to an external resource. Use paths defined within the HTML file or a reference to a CSS file in the local file system folder.
    • 2055063: Some graphical objects are displaced from their initial positions after decoding an input file in OfficeDecoder.
    • 2050948: The quality of conversion of recognized image into an .xls file became deteriorated. This issue may occur in specific situations.
    • 2039334: With OmniPage, translation to a file on the system disk root folder fails without any notification.
    • 1822531: Web Capture Server is not able to detect particular QR codes.
    • 1969833: Atalasoft web components do not support browser Content Security Policy (CSP) because of limitations in the version of jQuery used by the product.
    • 1779024: Significantly worse handling of Hebrew than the previous OCR engine.
    • 1621594: Translating to XPS format and then switching the ParallelProcessing option (from false to true or true to false) prevents subsequent XPS translations.
    • 1330253: When Symbology is set to All, Swiss QR codes cannot be read by BarCodeReader.
    • 1287182: Aztec codes are not read when AutoThreshold is true. Aztecs are read when AutoThreshold is false.
    • 1213959: If a page includes two horizontal thumbnailers, drag and drop works successfully for the top thumbnailer. With the bottom thumbnailer, drag and drop works only after the top item is removed.
      • On the macOS, this issue occurs with the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. However, the issue does not occur on an iPad or iPhone, or on an Android OS.
      • On a Windows operating system, this issue occurs with Microsoft Edge but not with other browsers.
    • 1212769: If you use the Safari browser on an iPhone or iPad to upload a file to the Web Document Viewer from the library, the file is not uploaded successfully on some iOS versions.
      • Workaround: To resolve the issue, upgrade to iOS 12.1.
    • 1209493: If you attempt to open and save a document that contains an annotation without appearance, the following error appears:
      Atalasoft.PdfDoc.PdfException : Required element N in MLPdfAppearanceDictionary read from file is missing.
    • 1204503: The selectPageText method calls the wrong callback function if only the page index is specified.
      • Workaround: Set null for the second argument:
    • 1197977: With Windows 10, when PdfTranslator is used to create a PDF document, it is not compliant with the PDF/A-2b standard if Verdana is a built-in font. As a result, the width information is inconsistent.
      • Workaround: Do one of the following to prevent the issue:
        • Using the Atalasoft DotImage API, create a custom FontMapper for the OCR engine and change Verdana to another font such as Arial.
        • Change the built-in font to the version of Verdana provided with Windows 7.
    • 1121735: After a page is inserted into a new document, thumbnail images become corrupted.
    • 912517: After moving an annotated page from one WDT (Web Document Thumbnailer) to another, the annotation selection frame becomes decoupled from the annotation itself. As a result, dragging moves only the annotation and leaves the frame behind in its original location.
      • Workaround: Reloading the page restores the annotation's normal behavior.
    • 714491: When using Firefox, there is no response from the WCS when using the HTTPS protocol. This issue occurs only for a new user on a computer. The issue occurs because WCS does not copy a certificate to the Firefox repository in this situation.
    • 687417: A "PhotometricInterpretation tag missing error" is displayed when you try to save a *.CR2 file after rotation.
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