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Sample Applications

Need some help or don't see what you are looking for?  Contact us - we might just have the perfect sample application you are looking for. You can also look at our GitHub repository for more demos, tips and trick or take a look at this great KB article: FAQ: Where Have All The Demos Gone?

Sample Applications below for Web, Desktop, and Mobile:

Hosted Web Sample Applications

HTML5 Web Document Viewer

Atalasoft's flagship HTML5 WebDocumentViewer and WebDocumentThumbnailer controls for viewing and annotation of documents  WebDocumentViewer API Reference

Try it now Get the source code



With DotViewer  Standalone, you do not need to have a .NET coding skillset. HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills are all you need. Or Download DotImage SDK to access the full sources and fully customize all aspects

Try it now Sources Included With full DotImage SDK


Web based scanning with WingScan

WebScanning component for both Windows and Mac - browser based scanning and viewing in the WebDocumentViewer

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Desktop Sample Applications

Document Annotations [desktop]

DocumentAnnotationViewer windows form control (a thumbnail and main annotation-enabled image viewer)

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TWAIN Acquisition

DotTwain component for windows desktop scanning with TWAIN scanners

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OCR Simple Demo

Try our OCR engine offerings; TesseractEngine, Tesseract3Engine,GlyphReaderEngine and OmniPageEngine- Some additional assembly required: INFO: OmniPageEngine - Overview 

Try it now Get the source code


Barcode Reading

This sample application allows you to try our various barcode reading symbologies along with image clean up

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Windows Presentation Foundation [WPF]

A demo showing our WpfAnnotationViewer control

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Mobile Sample Applications

MobileImage Barcoding

This demo that allows you to Scan and capture barcodes with Real-Time results

Get it on Google Play Get the source code


MobileImage Document Capture

This demo allows you to easily Capture Documents and improve image quality with eVRS

Get it on Google Play Get the source code