Atalasoft’s MobileImage SDK for Android and iOS devices captures and cleans images on-device with eVRS technology.  Build-in barcode recognition in real-time or from saved images into your mobile application.  If you have any questions please let us know


MobileImage® Features

Patented Image Capture Controls

  • Capture a perfect image every time
  • Ensure data can be extracted properly for superior results and satisfied users
  • Complete control over the capture of documents and images with UI controls
  • Fewer retakes: choice of photo or video mode to capture your document image
  • Automatically eliminates issues with blur, jitter, and shifting

Camera Control

  • Controls and API efficiently capture quality images using a mobile camera
  • Camera Steady uses the built-in accelerometer to increase stability when capturing an image
  • Automatic or Manual Page Detection controls to detect an image, or allow manual selection
  • Image Review allows users to review and edit an image before continuing to other processes

Image Clean up with eVRS

  • eVRS technology to automatically clean up images captured by the camera or stored on the mobile device
  • Automatically autorotate, crop, and clean images
  • Artifact removal will remove highlighting, hole punches, specks, or other imperfections
  • Specify compression and filetype - Save an optimized image as a Tiff, JPG, or PNG
  • Results in easier readability downstream and higher OCR rates
  • Deskew/crop, orientation, scaling, DPI mapping/resolution, thresholding, image normalization, noise removal
  • Automatic lighting, flash and torch mode to prevent sudden light sources from over-exposing
  • Process and send images that are 30-50 KB in size, instead of 3-5 MB

Barcode Reading

  • MobileImage provides two options for reading barcodes
  • Use the camera to recognize a barcode in real-time, or read barcodes from a stored image
  • Real Time Barcode Reading -- Scan a barcode and return results without capturing an image
  • Barcode Extraction - MobileImage can read multiple barcodes from a captured image.

MobileImage Use Case

delivery driver or remote worker needs to send in invoices or receipts from their daily activity.  Rather than waiting until the end of the day to send these documents in; with MobileImage the worker can send these documents in as they receive them to reduce delays and possible errors.

A second use case is expediting sales order forms.  In this case a traveling salesperson can meet with customers, fill out an order form and then instead of waiting to manually scan or fax the order forms in when they get back to the office, they can use MobileImage and be sent directly into an order fulfillment system as soon as the order form is filled out reducing errors and delays while at the same time increasing customer satisfaction.

A third use case would be Customer Onboarding for Banks, Insurance Companies, Legal Documents, Government agencies - any organization or process that requires documents to be sent from the customer to an institution to move an application or request forward.

We are here to help

DotImage is backed by a remarkable support team of expert .NET and imaging developers.  If you have any questions please take a look at our extensive Knowledgebase, browse our Sample Applications or create a Support Case.  For sales questions please send us an E-mail.  We also offer a 30 Day Free Evaluation with Full Support and cost effective Subscription Agreements.

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