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Licensing Overview

Atalasoft offers several deployment methods. If your expected deployment method does not fit into one of the categories outlined below, or if you have any questions regarding Atalasoft licensing, the Atalasoft Sales team can be reached at 1-413-572-4443 or sales@atalasoft.com to discuss.

Read the full licensing agreement (PDF)

Unlimited Deployment Partner/OEM

  • Unlimited deployment agreements allow the most flexibility and scalability
  • Customized agreements as no 2 projects are the same
  • Fixed yearly pricing model for budget planning
  • If you are deploying multiple servers per year the unlimited option should be considered
  • Existing application with already deployed servers – can be included in the agreement
  • SDKs and build machines are included – as many as you need
  • Server licenses are included – no need to worry about how many you deploy
  • No required annual reporting
  • Agreements are typically 3 years in length
  • Streamlined deployment model – no need to manage separate license codes – makes it simple
  • If you think this is the right path for your project – Let’s talk!

SDK Development Licensing

  • Each developer requires their own SDK license
  • SDKs can be activated on two machines for each named developer
  • A build machine requires its own SDK license
  • Save 50% on additional developer SDKs or build machine licenses of the same product
  • The first year of Support & Maintenance is included with the cost of the SDK
  • SDK Support & Maintenance is required to deploy additional copies of the software
  • Volume pricing available – we want to work with you!

Deployment Licensing

Server License

  • Server licenses are required when deploying to a server or web application.
  • Servers do not have a core restriction (We do not sell servers by number of cores – seems too restrictive)
  • Each server license comes with two activations and they can be used in the following combinations: One production server and one non-production server, or two non-production servers (test, QA, failover etc ..).  Two production servers are not allowed on the same license.
  • The first year of Support & Maintenance (M&S) is included with the cost of each server license
  • Server licenses are required for service applications that accept connections from other machines or for headless processes that watch folders or other data sources for work originating from other machines.  This can also be considered batch processing and can occur on a server or a workstation
  • Each production server requires its own license.
  • Our server licenses are perpetual
  • Volume pricing available

Desktop Application License

  • Royalty-free deployment for desktop .EXE applications is available so long as your SDKs are covered by active Support & Maintenance
  • Royalty-free does not apply to automated batch processing – see server license section above
  • Please refer to exhibit A of the full license agreement for a list of all royalty free products
  • Only ISIS and non-Tesseract OCR add-ons require runtime royalties for desktop deployments.


  • See “SDK Development Licensing” section above
  • MobileImage is offered as 3 separate SDKs for greater flexibility
    • Camera Control – Used to capture an image
    • Image Processing : eVRS technology is used for image clean up
    • Barcode Reader - Read barcodes off of a captured page or as a stand-alone barcode reader
  • Deployment licensing is typically based off of expected number of captured images per year.   Not sure if this will work for you?  Let us know and we will work with you to find a licensing model that meets your needs!
  • MobileImage can be included as part of an unlimited agreement
  • Interested in Mobile but not sure about something – Just ask!
  • Let’s talk about your project!

If you have any questions regarding Atalasoft licensing, the Atalasoft Sales team can be reached at 1-413-572-4443 or sales@atalasoft.com to discuss.  We are happy to help!

Read the full licensing agreement (PDF)