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Licensing Overview

Atalasoft offers several deployment methods. If your expected deployment method does not fit into one of the categories outlined below, or if you have any questions regarding Atalasoft licensing, please contact Atalasoft Sales to discuss.

Read the full licensing agreement (PDF)

Development Licensing

The development SDK includes a license for a single named developer. Each additional developer requires a developer/build license (these are 50% the cost of an SDK license).

Deployment Licensing

Desktop Application License

You may distribute with no royalty payments any number of applications that are deployed to a personal computer (PC) as long as active maintenance is in place on all your development SDKs. Only ISIS and non-Tesseract OCR add-on SDKs require runtime royalties for desktop deployments. For a list of all royalty-free client deployment products please refer to the last section of the full licensing agreement.

Server License

Server licenses are required when deploying a server or web application. Server licenses are also required for service applications that accept connections from other machines or for headless processes that watch folders or other datasources for work originating from other machines. Each production server requires its own license.

Unlimited Deployment Partner/OEM

For more flexibility in building and deployment, contact us about our unlimited partnership agreement. Our team can be reached at 1-413-572-4443 or sales@atalasoft.com

Please read the full licensing agreement for more information.