WingScan allows you to scan directly from a web browser and save to a repository without the need to save locally first.  Capture documents from any TWAIN-compliant scanner and control the settings of the capture process within the browser.

Browser Based Scanning

WingScan is a .NET control that allows you to scan directly from a web browser to a repository without the need to save locally first.  Fully customizable browser controls that allow you to submit documents directly from the scanner.  WingScan also includes an easy process for installing the Windows Service on the client machine.


Image Clean up with VRS

WingScan with Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) Technology provides superior image cleanup.  Automatically rotate, deskew & orient scanned pages for proper text alignment and remove erroneous marks like coffee stains, wrinkles, or highlighter from an image.  Downstream OCR and barcode extraction accuracy is greatly improved.


Combine With DotImage

WingScan comes with a simple HTML5/JavaScript document viewer.  For a full featured experience combine WingScan with DotImage to unlock the viewer's full potential.  Superior web based scanning with powerful viewing controls to make capturing & processing documents effortless.


Desktop Twain Scanning

If you are looking for a TWAIN scanning solution for your desktop application please take a look at our DotImage SDK.  DotImage includes TWAIN scanning as part of the SDK.  If you don't need the full power of DotImage ask us about our simple to use TWAIN scanning SDK called DotTwain.


Atalasoft Solutions

Atalasoft offers HTML5 viewing technologies and imge processing for the .NET professional.  We also offer PDF, OCR, barcode reading & writing, mobile capture as well as TWAIN and web based scanning.  To learn more please visit our solutions page.


Atalasoft’s DotImage has enabled us to offer the browser-based scanning solution that our customers were looking for.

President, Document Management & Scanning Company


Environments Supported

  • ASP.NET 3.5,
  • .NET 6+ (windows environment only)
  • Windows Server 2016+ running IIS
  • Browsers supported include IE Edge (Chromium), Firefox, and Google Chrome