WingScan allows you to scan directly from a web browser and save to a repository without the need to save locally first.  Capture documents from any TWAIN-compliant scanner and control the settings of the capture process within the browser. If you have any questions please let us know


WingScan® Features

Browser Based Scanning

  • .NET control that allows you to scan from a web browser
  • End users can scan directly to a repository without the need to scan, save locally and then upload
  • WingScan includes fully customizable browser controls that allow end users to submit documents directly from their scanners
  • Easy installation -- WingScan includes a easy process for installing the Windows Service on the client machine

Image Clean up with VRS

  • Virtual Re-Scan (VRS) Technology that provides superior image cleanup
  • Fix incorrectly scanned pages - Automatically rotates, deskews & orients pages for proper text alignment
  • Remove Erroneous Marks like coffee stains, wrinkles, or highlighter from an image so it can be cleanly processed
  • Improve accuracy - OCR and barcode extraction are greatly improved

Combine With DotImage

  • WingScan comes with a simple HTML5/JavaScript document viewer
  • Combine with DotImage to unlock viewers full potential
  • Superior web based scanning with powerful viewing controls to make capturing & processing documents effortless

Desktop Twain Scanning

  • WingScan is a web based scanning solution. If you are looking for non-web-connected desktop scanning, please consider DotImage

We are here to help

DotImage is backed by a remarkable support team of expert .NET and imaging developers.  If you have any questions please take a look at our extensive Knowledgebase, browse our Sample Applications or create a Support Case.  For sales questions please send us an E-mail.  We also offer a 30 Day Free Evaluation with Full Support and cost effective Subscription Agreements.

Atalasoft’s DotImage has enabled us to offer the browser-based scanning solution that our customers were looking for

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