Barcode Reading & Writing

Atalasoft's Barcode SDKs offer the ability to Read and Write all your favorite symbologies - both 1D and 2D  

Barcode Reading

Atalasoft’s Barcode Reader add-on to DotImage reads all barcodes in an image then returns an array of barcode objects.  Reads 14 industry 1D barcodes including code 128 and code 39 as well as 4 industry 2D symbologies including PDF417, QR Code, DataMatrix and Aztec.

Barcode Reader also automatically detects orientation of the recognized barcode (East, South, West, North), returns the bounding rectangle of all recognized barcodes and returns coordinates of start & end lines used to construct a bounding polygon of the barcode area.  Barcode Reader also returns position of checksum character if present.


Barcode Writing

Barcode Writer can be used for writing barcodes programmatically.  Use with the OverlayCommand to add a barcode to an existing image and Includes Winform controls that can be dragged onto any window & set up with just a few properties.

Barcode Writer writes 13 industry 1D barcodes as well as PDF417 and DataMatrix 2D symbologies.  You can set the orientation of the barcode as well as the bounding rectangle of barcodes. Barcode wrirter also supports check digits for barcodes that use them.  Integration with DotImage allows you to save the image in any format supported by DotImage.


Atalasoft Solutions

Atalasoft offers HTML5 viewing technologies and imge processing for the .NET professional.  We also offer PDF, OCR, barcode reading & writing, mobile capture as well as TWAIN and web based scanning.  To learn more please visit our solutions page.


Atalasoft impacted us in two ways. First, DotImage gave us the tools we needed to view and annotate images and it fit perfectly into our architecture. Second, support has been excellent. With excellent support we have been able to quickly respond to our customer’s needs.

Sr. Developer, eDiscovery & Data Processing Company


Subscription Agreements

Subscription Agreements offer fixed yearly pricing and allow the most flexibility.  Agreements can include SDKs for your developers, servers and mobile device deployment.  If you are deploying multiple servers per year or if you have a Mobile Capture project this option should be considered.