With DotPDF you can create PDFs from scratch or edit pages of existing PDFs.  Programmatically create fillable forms or invoices and edit PDFs.

PDF Generation

Support for PDF/A formats as well as Invoice Generation - Use PDF templates to create custom tables with marked fields for downstream processing.  You can also customized PDFs or create dynamic content that changes based on the recipient of a PDF.  You can also add additional drawing elements to a pre-existing PDF; for example a watermark or logo.

Programmatically create fillable forms, invoices, POs, quotes, receipts and archival records.  You can consume customer filled forms (AcroForms) and extract data from fields.  Generate output from reports, e-mail attachments and printable versions of web-pages.  No need to understand the PDF Specification, because we provide an intuitive, object-oriented, shape-based interface.


PDF Form Fill and Editing

PDF Form Auto Fill - put known information about a user into fields before serving the form.  DotPDF also offers Filled Form Data Extraction - Get a dictionary of form fields from a filled PDF form

Use with Atalasoft DotImage's WebDocumentViewer control to display forms in HTML 5 native browsers. Use the interactive fields to fill in data in the form embedded directly in a webpage and use the PDF Repair Tools to automatically or algorithmically correct common issues with PDFs


Document Security

DotPDF includes an API to create and interact with digitally secured PDFs.  Signing prevents changes to a section of a document and can be customized to allow certain changes.  PDF Passwords allows you to secure your PDF with two passwords, one for viewing and one for editing and PDF Signing prevent changes and proves authenticity of a document sent as part of a workflow.  Allow users to change only the parts of a document that they need to complete the workflow


Other Features of DotPDF

Use DotPDF to create PDF template blanks that you can fill with data later.  Use a sophisticated shape library to lay out your pages and includes vector drawing (lines, rectangles, paths), text, images & tabular data.  PdfDocument.Repair can automatically detect and correct common issues with out-of-spec PDF files.

You can also Import SVG drawings and easily rearrange the order of pages within a PDF, delete unwanted pages and/or insert new pages.  Document Combination - DofPDF allows you to easily combine or separate documents with a single function call.


Atalasoft Solutions

Atalasoft offers HTML5 viewing technologies and imge processing for the .NET professional.  We also offer PDF, OCR, barcode reading & writing, mobile capture as well as TWAIN and web based scanning.  To learn more please visit our solutions page.


Atalasoft DotImage made it quick and easy to develop a web application that we built for our customers to use.

Marketing Professional, Fuel & Transportation Industry


Supported Environments

  • .NET Framework 3.5, 4.5.2 - 4.8
  • .NET 6 (windows environment only)
  • Visual Studio 2013+ for .NET Framework, Visual Studio 2022 for .NET6
  • Windows 8.1+, Windows Server 2012 R2+
  • C#, VB.NET
  • 32-bit, 64-bit