Atalasoft DotImage

JBIG2 Compression Codec SDK for .NET

An add-on to DotImage with runtime royalty-free options

DotImage JBIG2 Codec DotImage JBIG2 codec can be used to decode and encode JBIG2 images using the Microsoft .NET Framework.

DotImage JBIG2 Codec Overview

JBIG2 compression is an open standard and can compress bi-tonal images 2 - 5 times more than the same image compressed with the industry standard TIFF CCIT Group4 compression. The codec is available as a plug-in that integrates with DotImage seamlessly and is based off of Luratech's Lurawave.jb2 compression technology.  Licensing is runtime royalty free for single named-user desktop deployments.

Feature List

  • Ability to decode any page from a 1-bit JBIG2 image.
  • Encode a single or multipage document as a JBIG2 image, an image only PDF document.
  • Supports Lossless or Lossy compression
  • Supports encoding or decoding from any stream
  • Read a specified region from an existing JBIG2 image stream.
  • Generate image only PDF documents with embedded JBIG2 images.
  • Integrated with DotImage's PDFEncoder to encode PDF images with other compression formats.
  • Runtime Royalty Free licensing options


Using JBig2 compression can cut your file size by over 90% compared to uncompressed files:

Document Uncompressed CCIT Group IV JBIG2 Lossless JBIG2 Lossy PDF w/ Lossless JBIG2
3-page FAX, 1728 x 2293 1,454 Kb 121 Kb 24 Kb 23 Kb 26 Kb
Strip Chart Grid Scan, 9760 x 6976 8,321 Kb 1,088 Kb 675 Kb 674 Kb 676 Kb
Mechanical CAD drawing, 9259 x 6816 7,716 Kb 206 Kb 104 Kb 100 Kb 105 Kb

Customer Quotes

"DotImage is simply the best .NET imaging toolkit on the market. We have used several competing products but none of them are built around the .NET architecture like DotImage - so they are harder to use and more complex to distribute."
- David Cardinal, CEO, ProShooters LLC

"Working with Atalasoft has been 'awesome'. The Atalasoft support team was helpful in getting us familiar with the product. DotImage speaks for itself - the organization, the API, and level of abstration. Kudos to Atalasoft."
- Joe Aparo, Senior Developer, EBSCO

"Using Atalasoft's DotImage toolkit, we are offering a single yet scalable and flexible imaging solution to our customers, enabling them to utilize Image Connect across multiple applications as their needs change."
- Brad Kahnamoui, Product Manager, Thomson Elite

"The state is saving thousands of dollars per year and serving its constituents faster than ever. Our software maintenance cost went from about $7,500 annually to less than $300"
(After working with our customer Envoc)
- Marty Beasley, Manager of Geographic Information Systems, Louisiana Office of State Lands

"The Graduate School Office feels very strongly that this system has gone beyond being merely useful and has entered the realm of being necessary. It has allowed us a safe and long-lasting method for archiving student and other records which may need to be accessed in a timely manner. Our ability to view these imaged documents quickly has saved much in terms of valuable staff time which would otherwise be spent going through paper documents in storage cabinets."
- Sandra M. Powers - Dean of Undergraduate Studies, The College of Charleston

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