Evaluating? See the proof.

Request a customized proof of concept application!

That's right - we'll prove it to you with code! If you're evaluating and are unsure if our imaging SDKs (.NET or Java platforms) can do the job, simply send an e-mail to:


Include a description of the imaging portion of your project you're trying to build and we'll make something for you to showcase that functionality.

Other proof

Want to try some pre-made sample applications for yourself or more social proof?

  • See our sample application gallery for sample apps and source code
  • You could install DotImage which comes with a bunch of demos installed.
  • If you aren't ready to install DotImage, we put together a ZIP file full of WinForms applications. Most of them don't require DotImage to be installed.
  • Or try the AJAX Annotations Thumbnail Document Viewer sample app on our site.
  • Check out 31 Apps in 31 Days - an app-a-day promotion we did in the past that proved it's easy to make applications with DotImage.
  • We have some case studies from some DotImage clients that love the product.
  • See what people have Tweeted about us!

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