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ETA End October 2020

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September 21, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • 1500613: Imprinting with VRS Elite 5.2 and Canon DR-G2110 crashes
  • 1498207: [PdfDocument] PDF throws OverflowException on save or repair
  • 1445625: [PdfDecoder] Pdfium decoder failing to render some content that Foxit engine does


July 15, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • 1497082: [PdfDocument] Opening/Saving or splitting some customer files results in lost content
  • 1491650: [WDT] Erratic thumb behavior when viewer was hidden while tied WDV has upload or open/insert of 5+ pages
  • 1476713: [Pdfium] Concurrency issue with pdfium when web sites are run in separate AppDomains.


June 30, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • 1473851: [Aztec,Datamatrix] Detection issues when Aztec and Datamatrix are detected simultaneously.
  • 1473325: [PDF417] BarCodeReader: Customer barcodes do not read in DotImage but do in competitors
  • 1472959: [WAV/WTV] Resources extracted “on the fly” is throwing an error message about version mismatch in scripts
  • 1469860: [PdfGeneratedDocument] - document that contains a global transformation matrix in the page content is not saving annotations in the expected location
  • 1457056: [WDV/WDT] Scrolling and active page selection incorrect under certain conditions related to inconsistent image sizes
  • 1456490: [WDV] TextAnnotation font size significantly different in edit vs view state
  • 1448848: [WDV] Best fit does not account for scrollbars
  • 1445228: [DotTwain] Not functioning under Citrix


May 4, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • 1443083: PdfGeneratedDocument interprets Prediction incorrectly
  • 1412986: [WDV] showPage/selectThumb scrolling viewer to wrong location when images are not the same size and fitting set to Atalasoft.Utils.Fitting.Height
  • 1332687: [WCS for Mac] Scanning does not work on MacOS Catalina
  • 1195954: [WCS for Mac] Dark Appearance not applied to dialog boxes on macOS Mojave
  • 723808: Result images are corrupted when convert BMP files with RLE compression


March 31, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • [PdfDocument] Repair convenience method fails but document can repair
  • [WebAnnotationViewer] EscapeJsonString-method escapes service symbols and breaks JSON parsing on client-side
  • [PdfDocumentSigner] Corrupting encryption of encrypted PDFs
  • [WDV] showPage/selectThumb scrolling viewer to wrong location when images are not the same size

v11. (FixPack 1)

January, 27, 2020

Problems Resolved in this Fix Pack

  • 1363574: [OfficeDecoder] Exception when opening certain files
  • 1355431: Add app.config option to allow validation by Signature instead of checksum
  • 1354799: Atalasoft may be failing to Unlock LicenseManager properly
  • 1353251: PdfTabe header row clipping / truncating long text
  • 1351796: [WDV] Singe Page Mode Support
  • 1329894: GetDecoder fails / RegisteredDecoders not recognizing some valid DICOM files

v11. (Initial Release - Full Release Notes

December 16, 2019

About this release

The release notes give you late-breaking information about Atalasoft DotImage 11.2. Please read this document carefully, as it contains information that is not included in other Atalasoft DotImage documentation.

Version information

The build number for Atalasoft DotImage 11.2 is

System requirements

The primary source of information about Atalasoft DotImage requirements and dependencies on other products is the Technical Specifications document posted on Atalasoft website. We recommend that you review it carefully, especially if you plan to use Atalasoft DotImage 11.2 with other Atalasoft products.

New Features

The following features were added to Atalasoft DotImage in version 11.2.


DotViewer is an installable server-side component for document viewing and web-based scanning that alleviates the need for the customer to build their own handler using .NET coding. This is a new part and is licensed separately. Contact Atalasoft sales for more information.

Barcode recognition improvements

Recognition engine has been improved for the following symbologies:

  • Code 39
  • QR
  • PDF417
  • Code 128
  • DataMatrix
  • Aztec
  • Patch Code

Modular Web Document Viewer

Module loaders support has been added to WDV so it can be used as an Asynchronous Module Definition (AMD) or CommonJS module. This feature avoids polluting the global namespace and reduces the risk of conflicting dependencies in the client.

Breaking Changes

Deprecated support

Support for the following has been deprecated in this version:

  • SharePoint
  • Silverlight

Planned deprecation of ABBYY

Version 11.2 is the final release of Atalasoft DotImage containing ABBYY. This feature will be replaced with OmniPage in the next release.

Resolved Issues

This section contains information about issues that have been resolved in Atalasoft DotImage since the prior release of this product.

License without eVRS: results differ between Windows and macOS

1219586: When a product license without eVRS is used, the result when importing an image or scanning on a Windows operating system differed from the result on a macOS:

  • Windows: An onScanError event was not called and the onScanCompleted event showed a valid error, "VRS license is missing or invalid," and returned success: false.
  • macOS: An onScanError event was called with a valid error, "VRS license is missing or invalid." Also, the onScanCompleted event showed that the operation succeeded and returned success: true.

Multiple page selection issue with Chrome or Firefox on macOS

1213340: While using the Chrome of Firefox browsers in a macOS environment, you could not select multiple pages by holding down the Ctrl key.

Unexpected result if ConvertIncompatiblePagesToImages set to True

1210883: If the value for ConvertIncompatiblePagesToImages was set to true, PdfARenderer was not able to create PdfA documents, even though the initial page contained Type 1 fonts with custom encoding.

Transparency prevents compliance with PDF/A-1b

1181476: When transparency was used, a PDF file was not compliant with the PDF/A-1b standard.

Known Issues

This chapter contains information about potential issues that you may encounter while using Atalasoft DotImage 11.2.

Where available, workarounds are listed here. These issues may be addressed in future fix packs/service packs. If you are encountering one of these known issues, feel free to open a support case so we can add your report to the tracking. Issues are prioritized partly by how many customer reports are active on an issue.

Scanning does not work on macOS Catalina

1332687: If you attempt to scan on macOS Catalina, nothing happens.

Drag and drop inconsistent with 2 horizontal thumbnailers

1213959: If a page includes two horizontal thumbnailers, drag and drop works successfully for the top thumbnailer. With the bottom thumbnailer, drag and drop works only after the top item is removed.

  • On the macOS, this issue occurs with the Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers. However, the issue does not occur on an iPad or iPhone, or on an Android OS.
  • On a Windows operating system, this issue occurs with Microsoft Edge but not with other browsers.

List of files to upload not refreshed with Safari

1212857: Safari browser: If you click Upload and then drag files to the list of files to upload to the WebDocumentViewer from the Finder or Photo applications, the files are not added to the list.

Workaround: Use the "Open file" dialog box to add to the list of files to upload.

Unable to upload file from library on iPhone or iPad on some iOS versions

1212769: If you use the Safari browser on an iPhone or iPad to upload a file to the Web Document Viewer from the library, the file is not uploaded successfully on some iOS versions.

Workaround: To resolve the issue, upgrade to iOS 12.1.

Error when attempting to open document containing annotation without appearance

1209493: If you attempt to open and save a document that contains an annotation without appearance, the following error appears:

Atalasoft.PdfDoc.PdfException : Required element N in
MLPdfAppearanceDictionary read from file is missing.

Method calls wrong callback function

1204503: The selectPageText method calls the wrong callback function if only the page index is specified.

Workaround: Set null for the second argument:


Document not compliant with PDF/A-2b standard

1197977: On Windows 10, when PdfTranslator is used to create a PDF document, it is not compliant with the PDF/A-2b standard if Verdana is a built-in font. As a result, the width information is inconsistent.

Workaround: Do one of the following to prevent the issue:

  • Using the Atalasoft DotImage API, create a custom FontMapper for the OCR engine and change Verdana to another font such as Arial.
  • Change the built-in font to the version of Verdana provided with Windows 7.

Dark Appearance not applied to dialog boxes on macOS Mojave

1195954: When the Dark Appearance setting is selected in System Preferences on macOS Mojave, the setting is not applied properly to dialog boxes.

macOS: Installer should not require Administrator rights

1179745: If you do not have Administrator rights, and you attempt to perform the installation for the Atalasoft DotImage Service for macOS, you may be prevented from finishing successfully.

Workaround: To avoid the issue:

  1. From the installer, select Installation Type and click Change Install Location.
  2. On the Select a Destination screen, select Install for me only.
  3. Click Continue to proceed with the installation.

Corrupt thumbnails after inserting page into new document

1121735: After a page is inserted into a new document, thumbnail images become corrupted.

Selection frame becomes detached from annotation after drag and drop

912517: After moving an annotated page from one WDT (Web Document Thumbnailer) to another, the annotation selection frame becomes decoupled from the annotation itself. As a result, dragging moves only the annotation and leaves the frame behind in its original location.

Workaround: Reloading the page restores the annotation's normal behavior.

Recognize method may return wrong results

864436: When the AbbyyOcrTextRegion region is manually defined, the Recognize method may return the incorrect results. This situation may occur if the text language is not specified for the custom regions, and the engine cannot determine which language to use.

No response from the WCS when using HTTPS

714491: When using Firefox, there is no response from the WCS when using the HTTPS protocol.This issue occurs only for a new user on a computer. The issue occurs because WCS does not copy a certificate to the Firefox repository in this situation.

Saving *.CR2 file after rotating results in error

687417: A "PhotometricInterpretation tag missing error" is displayed when you try to save a *.CR2 file after rotation.

Data overlaid in .ppt file

673624: Currently, slide shapes are rendered as one layer, and text as a second layer. This approach prevents shapes from being rendered on top of text, but it also allows text to overlap.