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HOWTO: Add Support for HEIF \ HEIC Files to DotImage


In (March 2021) Atalasoft introduced support for Apple HEIF files. Adding support for HEIF for your application requires a couple of extra steps.

NOTE: this dll will become part of all DotImage releases from forward - we can not back port support into older versions, so you will need to move to at least to have this option

See also

See our more complete article on HEIC / HEIF Format support

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Add a reference to Atalasoft.dotImage.Heif.dll to your solution

remember: we supply 4 versions: x86 .NET 3.5, x86 ,NET 4.5.2,x64 .NET 3.5, x64 ,NET 4.5.2 - make sure you reference the correct one for your application target framework and bitness

Add the HeifDecoder to your RegisteredDecoders.Decoders collection

This should be done in a static constructor for your class  - in C# that would be

static YourClassName()
    RegisteredDecoders.Decoders.Add(new HeifDecoder());

in VB.NET it is done in a Shared sub -

Shared Sub New
    RegisteredDecoders.Decoders.Add(new HeifDecoder())
End Sub

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