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Document Management
What is it?

A library of functions for altering document structure in PDF files

What Problems does it solve?
  • Page Rearrangement - Receive pages in a collection object for easy rearrangement
  • Document Combination - Easily combine documents with a single function call

Technical Details

e-Signatures and Document Security
What is it?

An API to create and interact with digitally secured PDFs. Signing prevents changes to a section of a document, and can be customized to allow certain changes

What Problems does it solve?
  • PDF Passwords - Secure your PDF with two passwords, one for viewing and one for editing
  • PDF Signing - Prevent changes and prove authenticity of a document sent as part of a workflow. Allow users to change only the parts of a document that they need to complete the workflow
Form Utilities
What is it?

A series of objects that allow creation and direct interaction with PDF forms and the data contained within their fields.

What Problems does it solve?
  • PDF Form Auto Fill - If you already know information about a user; put that information into the fields before serving the form, saving your users time and energy
  • Custom Forms - Only present the fields of information to a user that your system doesn't already know
  • Automatic Workflow Forms - PDF can contain JavaScript to submit form data directly to a web service. Our tools make this simple to generate
  • Filled Form Data Extraction - Get a dictionary of form fields from a filled PDF form

Technical Details

PDF Generation
What is it?

A toolkit for generating PDF programmatically. Use prebuilt or custom shapes to define how a PDF should be structured

What Problems does it solve?
  • Invoice Generation - Use a PDF template and our drawing tools to create a custom table with data and provide data with marked fields so incoming systems can parse the relevant data
  • Customized PDF - Use our SDK to create dynamic content that changes based on the recipient of a PDF
  • Edit PDF - Add additional drawing elements to a pre-existing PDF programmatically, like adding a watermark or a logo change

Technical Details

PDF Signature Annotations
What is it?

A signature image from a user can be used and digitally signed to prove authenticity of a document

What Problems does it solve?
  • Contract e-Signing - With a digital signature, users can sign a docoument - both physically with an image and digitally with a certificate
  • Outgoing Documents - Prove authenticity of outgoing PDF with a signature of a signing manager and the company's certificate
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Atalasoft impacted us in two ways. First, DotImage gave us the tools we needed to view and annotate images and it fit perfectly into our architecture. Second, support has been excellent. With excellent support we have been able to quickly respond to our customer’s needs.

Brian Kowald
Sr. Developer, Reveal Data

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