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PDF Generation
What is it?

A toolkit for generating PDF programmatically. Use prebuilt or custom shapes to define how a PDF should be structured

What Problems does it solve?
  • Invoice Generation - Use a PDF template and our drawing tools to create a custom table with data and provide data with marked fields so incoming systems can parse the relevant data
  • Customized PDF - Use our SDK to create dynamic content that changes based on the recipient of a PDF
  • Edit PDF - Add additional drawing elements to a pre-existing PDF programmatically, like adding a watermark or a logo change

Technical Details

Document Management
What is it?

A library of functions for altering document structure in PDF files

What Problems does it solve?
  • Page Rearrangement - Receive pages in a collection object for easy rearrangement
  • Document Combination - Easily combine documents with a single function call

Technical Details

Form Utilities
What is it?

A series of objects that allow creation and direct interaction with PDF forms and the data contained within their fields.

What Problems does it solve?
  • PDF Form Auto Fill - If you already know information about a user; put that information into the fields before serving the form, saving your users time and energy
  • Custom Forms - Only present the fields of information to a user that your system doesn't already know
  • Automatic Workflow Forms - PDF can contain JavaScript to submit form data directly to a web service. Our tools make this simple to generate
  • Filled Form Data Extraction - Get a dictionary of form fields from a filled PDF form

Technical Details

e-Signatures and Document Security
What is it?

An API to create and interact with digitally secured PDFs. Signing prevents changes to a section of a document, and can be customized to allow certain changes

What Problems does it solve?
  • PDF Passwords - Secure your PDF with two passwords, one for viewing and one for editing
  • PDF Signing - Prevent changes and prove authenticity of a document sent as part of a workflow. Allow users to change only the parts of a document that they need to complete the workflow
PDF Signature Annotations
What is it?

A signature image from a user can be used and digitally signed to prove authenticity of a document

What Problems does it solve?
  • Contract e-Signing - With a digital signature, users can sign a docoument - both physically with an image and digitally with a certificate
  • Outgoing Documents - Prove authenticity of outgoing PDF with a signature of a signing manager and the company's certificate
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