Atalasoft DotImage

.NET TWAIN Desktop Scanning SDK for Scanner Capture

Offered as a standalone product or included with DotImage Document Imaging edition

DotTwain is a .NET SDK for capturing digital images from scanners, cameras, and other TWAIN devices. It uses the latest TWAIN specifications for ultra fast scanning.

DotTwain can be used in a small footprint web deployment delivered as a .NET "no-touch" or signed ActiveX. Or it can be used in a standalone .NET scanning solution. DotTwain supports 32- and 64-bit TWAIN 1.x/2.X drivers and is included in DotImage Document Imaging.

Feature List

  • Lightweight Scanning Control Acquire images directly to an in-memory image, a file, or post to the web.
  • For web scanning, use Atalasoft WingScan - our ASP.NET web scanning SDK makes it easy to talk to the end-user TWAIN scanner, display the scanned image in a document viewer, and sends to your repository.
  • Batch Scanning Scan multiple documents with an automatic document feeder, and separate pages with the BarcodeReader add-on to DotImage.
  • Override the Default TWAIN User Interface With over 80 properties, DotTwain allows you to control the scanning process and create a consistent, custom dialog for all scanners.
  • Full control over the scanning session for advanced users.
  • Support for all compatible TWAIN 1.X and TWAIN 2.X drivers.
  • Broad Scanner Support: Atalasoft has established partnerships with major scanner suppliers such as Canon, Fujitsu, Kodak, Panasonic, and HP. We have tested DotTwain with models from many of these manufacturers and our customers have used DotTwain with hundreds of others. Atalasoft is a member of the TWAIN working group and provides code to help certify TWAIN compliance in 3rd party drivers.

Full list

Create a custom interface to scan images, or use the default TWAIN interface.
Automatic Document Feeder support, with full control of the feeder operations.
Built-In Background Scanning support to prevent the UI thread from locking-up while scanning.
Support for duplex scanning
File system support for navigating the internal device memory.
Acquire images directly to file utilizing compression algorithms supported by the device.
Select a region of the scanning bed to be acquired with frame support.
Upload a scanned image to a server with the built in HTTP Post class.
Simplified automatic capture allowing the device to quickly capture multiple images for later acquisition.
Imprinter/Endorser methods allowing a text string ito be stamped onto the acquired image during the acquisition.
Barcode/Patchcode classes to access barcode and patchcode recognition abilities of the device.
A low-level class allowing even more control over the scanning session for advanced users.
Extensible to allow custom driver capabilities access.
Image dataset support enables acquisition of specific images from a camera in a single operation.
Quickly find out what capabilities, compression modes, frame sizes, resolutions and more, are supported by a device.
Over 80 properties and 50 methods to give total control over the image acquisition.
Full context sensitive help and documentation.
Object-oriented design; a TWAIN extension to the .NET Framework.


DotTwain makes it easy to scan documents in a few simple steps:

private void Scanning()
    Acquisition acq = new Acquisition();
    acq.ImageAcquired += new ImageAcquiredEventHandler(acq_ImageAcquired);
    Device device = acq.Devices.Default;
    if (device.TryOpen())
        device.ModalAcquire = true;

void acq_ImageAcquired(object sender, AcquireEventArgs e)
    AtalaImage myImage = AtalaImage.FromBitmap(e.Image);

Whether it's storage, clean up, or information gathering, DotTwain can be as simple or as customized as you need.  For other examples of DotTwain in action, see these articles;
Console Based Scanning
Scan a multipage document into a PDF or TIFF file
Iowa State University & US Department of Agriculture Case Study: Atalasoft DotTwain Facilitates Implementation of Remote Sensing Survey Application


Customer Quote

"We use classes from the Atalasoft.Twain namespace to choose a scanner, get and change settings on the scanner, and scan the invoices," said Tobias Carlsson, a software developer at Monitor Industriutveckling. "Then, Atalasoft.Imaging is used to rotate, make annotations, save TIFF files with annotations and view the scanned invoices."

After taking only one year to implement, Monitor's module for electronic invoice management has been sold to hundreds of corporate customers.

"Atalasoft has good technology that worked better than competitors'," said Tobias.


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